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Katie Holmes planning to get pregnant with Emilio Vitolo’s baby, gives chef a credit card: Rumor


Katie Holmes is, allegedly, planning to have a baby with Emilio Vitolo.

According to Woman’s Day, Katie Holmes has always wanted to have more than two children. The Dawson’s Creek star, allegedly, asked her ex-boyfriend, Jamie Foxx, to have a baby with her but he refused.

“She begged Jamie for another child, but he refused. This time, she’s not waiting around for the perfect guy and she’s throwing herself all in with this man. They’ve been exchanging ‘I love yous’ for months now – she’s ready,” the source said.

Katie Holmes hiding her baby bump

An onlooker also told the tabloid that Holmes could already be pregnant simply because she was spotted touching her stomach.

“She was touching her tummy a lot and was cautious about where she stepped. Not her usual energetic self. I’ve seen her jog through the park ta a helluva pace. She looked tired and like she was about to be sick like you do in those early stages. That coat did struggle to fit around her tum, so who knows?” the onlooker said.

Suri Cruise doesn’t want Emilio Vitolo to be her stepdad

The insider then claimed that Holmes’ daughter, Suri Cruise, has always wanted to have a baby sister. But she doesn’t want Vitolo to her stepdad.

“Poor Suri’s torn. She wanted a sister forever but she wishes her mom would pick someone less of a show-off. But you can’t say a bad word about Emilio to Katie right now. She’s madly in love and isn’t letting anyone get in the way of her happiness,” the source said.

Katie Holmes spoils Emilio Vitolo with his own credit card, shopping spree

Other than her alleged pregnancy, New Idea also claimed Katie Holmes is so head over heels with Vitolo that she gave him a credit card.

“Emilio’s got her head spinning and Katie really thinks she’s found the new love of her life. She’s letting him spend her cash like she’s Fort Knox. He’ll spend a couple of grand on clothes and get her a cashmere sweater and some silly items so it looks like he went shopping for her,” the source said.

But even though everyone’s concerned about the actress, Holmes doesn’t seem to mind having to go the extra mile for Vitolo. After all, the couple has, allegedly, moved in together after just three months of dating.

“This is the real Katie and she’s playing by her own rules,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Katie Holmes isn’t pregnant. And there’s no reason for her to give Vitolo a credit card because he’s a business owner himself.

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