Katie Holmes planning to wed Emilio Vitolo even though her future mother-in-law dislikes her: Rumor

Katie Holmes planning to wed Emilio Vitolo even though her future mother-in-law dislikes her: Rumor

Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo are, allegedly, planning their wedding.

According to Woman’s Day, Katie Holmes and Vitolo have been talking about the future of their relationship. And they are, allegedly, on the same page when it comes to tying the knot.

“They’re both so ready and would do it tomorrow if they could. Marrying in a Catholic church would be the most fitting final move from Katie to Tom Cruise before she closes that chapter of her life forever,” the source said.

Katie Holmes is smitten with Emilio Vitolo

The insider also claimed that Holmes is dead set on marrying the chef because Vitolo makes her feel loved and happy.

“Emilio makes her feel amazing, so different from what he ever did. She can’t wait to marry him – she can’t get enough of him, and she’s never felt this way before. She doesn’t want a celebrity wedding, in fact, she’d be OK if it was just Emilio, her, a priest, Suri, and a couple of friends and family,” the source said.

Katie Holmes prefers a simple wedding with Emilio Vitolo 

Katie Holmes prefers a simple wedding with Emilio Vitolo

Allegedly, Holmes and Vitolo’s upcoming wedding will be a far cry from the actress’s wedding to Cruise in 2006. But this is how the actress likes it.

“To this day, Katie regrets that wedding. She is head over heels for Emilio – they have barely been apart for a few hours since they got together,” the source said.

Emilio Vitolo’s mom doesn’t like the actress

However, there seems to be one problem. The insider claimed that Katie Holmes is at odds with her future mother-in-law, Lourdes. Vitolo’s mom isn’t, allegedly, impressed with Holmes’ dating history. And the fact that Vitolo left his fiancée, Rachel Emmons, for Holmes is raising red flags even for his mom.

“Lourdes thinks she bought him up better than that. She didn’t think he handled this well at all,” the source said.

The tabloid seemingly concocted a story on Holmes and Lourdes based on the actress’s recent photo with Vitolo’s dad. In the snap, the Dawson’s Creek star, Vitolo, and his dad are dining together. Lourdes didn’t join them during the outing.

Since Lourdes wasn’t there, the tabloid immediately assumed that she doesn’t like Holmes. However, there is no proof that this is the case.

It is also untrue that Katie Holmes and Vitolo will be tying the know anytime soon. After all, they just started dating a few months ago.

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