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Katie Holmes pregnant with Emilio Vitolo’s baby rumor debunked


Katie Holmes is, allegedly, pregnant with her and Emilio Vitolo’s first child.

According to Woman’s Day, Katie Holmes begged Jamie Foxx to have a baby with her but he refused. Luckily for the actress, she didn’t, allegedly, have to beg Vitolo to have a baby with her because he also wants the same thing.

“She begged Jamie for another child, but he refused. This time, she’s not waiting around for the perfect guy and she’s throwing herself all in with this man. They’ve been exchanging ‘I love yous’ for months now – she’s ready,” the source said.

Katie Holmes hiding her baby bump

An onlooker who saw Holmes during one of her outings in New York, confidently said that the actress would already be pregnant. But the only proof that the onlooker has is Holmes touching her stomach.

The eyewitness also said that Holmes wasn’t as active as she used to be when she’s outdoors. And this sounded creepy because it suggests that an onlooker has been observing Holmes’ every move.

“I’ve seen her jog through the park ta a helluva pace. She looked tired and like she was about to be sick like you do in those early stages. That coat did struggle to fit around her tum, so who knows?” the onlooker said.

Suri Cruise dislikes Emilio Vitolo

The tabloid also claimed that Suri Cruise wants her mom to have another baby. But the teenager, allegedly, hopes that it won’t be with someone who is as show off as Vitolo.

“Poor Suri’s torn. She wanted a sister forever but she wishes her mom would pick someone less of a show-off. But you can’t say a bad word about Emilio to Katie right now. She’s madly in love and isn’t letting anyone get in the way of her happiness,” the source said.

Katie Holmes pregnancy rumors debunked

However, Gossip Cop debunked the tabloid’s claims by saying that the tabloid has been depicting Katie Holmes as a baby-crazy woman. They have been saying that the Dawson’s Creek star is desperate to have another child when this may not really be the case.

The tabloid’s sister site, New Idea also claimed that Holmes is pregnant with baby number two. Last month, they claimed that the actress is expecting a baby girl with her boyfriend.

If this is the case, Holmes’s baby bump should already be showing. But her during her recent outing with Vitolo, her abdominal area looked as small as ever.

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