Katie Holmes pregnant with Suri Cruise’s sister, baby daddy remains mystery: Rumor

Katie Holmes recently sparked rumors that she could be pregnant with baby number two.

During her recent outing in New York with her 14-year-old daughter, Suri Cruise, Katie Holmes seemingly sported a growing baby bump.

Is Katie Holmes pregnant?

New Idea published photos of Holmes and Cruise during their outing. And the mother and daughter are both wearing printed dresses and face masks.

While Holmes’s stomach seems enlarged in the snap, this isn’t enough confirmation that she is pregnant. It is possible that the Dawson’s Creek star simply wore an unflattering dress.

However, the tabloid explicitly claimed that Holmes is pregnant. And the tabloid also claimed to know that the actress is pregnant with a baby girl.

A source also claimed that Cruise has been begging her mom for a younger sister. And her wish will finally come true because Holmes is, allegedly, pregnant.

Katie Holmes baby daddy still a mystery?

Since Holmes isn’t dating anyone publicly right now, one of the most common questions surrounding her alleged pregnancy has to do with her baby daddy. To make their story more convincing, the tabloid also has a response to this.

“Of course, given Katie hasn’t publicly dated anyone since Jamie Foxx, everyone’s now trying to guess who the father could be!” the source said.

However, the only reason why Holmes’ baby daddy remains a mystery is that he doesn’t exist. Katie Holmes isn’t dating anyone, and she isn’t also expecting a baby girl.

Suri Cruise's mom at the center of pregnancy rumors for years

Suri Cruise’s mom at the center of pregnancy rumors for years

There have been several rumors regarding Holmes’ alleged pregnancy. Now to Love previously claimed that the actress is expecting and she doesn’t know who her baby daddy is. The tabloid claimed that Foxx or Justin Theroux could’ve gotten Holmes pregnant.

However, 10 months have passed and Holmes never confirmed her pregnancy. She never also sported a growing baby bump. This proves that the tabloid’s claims were incorrect.

Months earlier, Star also claimed that Holmes was pregnant with Foxx’s baby. And since the former couple was, allegedly, expecting, they also decided to tie the knot.

A source told the tabloid that Holmes became pregnant through IVF. And the actress, allegedly, called her pregnancy a “miracle.”

Rumors debunked

However, all these claims are also false because Holmes wasn’t pregnant then. The actress and Foxx don’t also have a baby together.

It is also unclear what Cruise’s thoughts are about having a younger sibling. After all, even though she’s the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, she’s a private individual.

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