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Katie Holmes refuses to listen to pals that are warning her about Emilio Vitolo: Rumor


Katie Holmes is, allegedly, refusing to focus on the red flags when it comes to her relationship with Emilio Vitolo.

According to Heat UK, the friends of Katie Holmes have been warning her about the actress. However, she doesn’t, allegedly, want to listen to them.

“People have tried to warn her that she’s taking things way too fast with Emilio. She doesn’t know him all that well, and there are red flags over the way he treated his ex. But she refuses to believe that he’s not as head-over-heels in love with her as she is with him. In her mind, they’re two kindred spirits who are destined to be together – she’s still adamant that they’ll elope sooner or later,” the source said.

Katie Holmes happy and in love despite everyone’s disapproval

The insider also said that even though Holmes seems to be happy with Vitolo, their relationship is just a train wreck waiting to happen.

Earlier this week, Woman’s Day claimed that Vitolo’s mom, Lourdes doesn’t like Holmes for the chef. After all, Lourdes isn’t, allegedly, a fan of their relationship especially since Vitolo had to end his engagement to be with the actress.

Katie Holmes, Emilio Vitolo wedding plans

But despite Lourdes’ alleged disapproval, Katie Holmes and Vitolo are, allegedly, very serious about each other. In fact, the couple is, allegedly, thinking about marriage.

“They’re both so ready and would do it tomorrow if they could. Marrying in a Catholic church would be the most fitting final move from Katie to Tom Cruise before she closes that chapter of her life forever. Emilio makes her feel amazing, so different from what he ever did. She can’t wait to marry him – she can’t get enough of him, and she’s never felt this way before. She doesn’t want a celebrity wedding, in fact, she’d be OK if it was just Emilio, her, a priest, Suri, and a couple of friends and family,” the source said.

Suri Cruise didn’t go missing

Last week, the same tabloid that Holmes and Tom Cruise’s daughter, Suri went missing. The teenager doesn’t, allegedly, approve of her mom’s new relationship.

However, one should take these claims with a grain of salt. Suri never went missing. And it is unclear what she thinks of Vitolo because she’s not a public figure.

Katie Holmes and Vitolo aren’t planning to tie the knot anytime soon either. After all, they just started dating weeks ago.

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