Katie Holmes single mom again, got pregnant with Jamies Foxx: Rumor

Katie Holmes single mom again, got pregnant with Jamies Foxx: Rumor

Katie Holmes was allegedly a single mom again after she got pregnant with ex-boyfriend Jamie Foxx and was planning to raise their baby alone.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx dated for a couple of years after her split from Tom Cruise. The two were notoriously private when it comes to their romance. One tabloid claimed that Holmes got pregnant. But one should take the report with a grain of salt because there is no piece of evidence to back such a claim.

Katie Holmes got pregnant with Jamie Foxx

According to a report from NW a year ago, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were expecting a baby. However, the Dawson’s Creek star wanted to raise the baby alone because Foxx was “messing her head.”

The source claimed that Holmes still had feelings for her then-boyfriend but did not want to expect too much, even if they were having a baby. So, she allowed him to date whoever he wanted instead of forcing him to settle down with her.

The outlet went on and added that Holmes was not bothered about the thought of raising her baby with Foxx alone because she already did it once. Holmes raised her daughter Suri Cruise alone after her split from Tom Cruise.

When Holmes filed for divorce from Cruise, she immediately moved to New York City with her daughter. There are rumors that the Mission Impossible star has no relationship with Suri.

Holmes didn’t bother her ex-husband when she raised Suri, and the outlet suggested that she could do it again with her baby with Foxx. The tipster also added that she could raise two kids on her own.

“Katie’s more than capable of being a single mom and raising two children by herself,” the phone source added.

Rumor debunked

Gossip Cop debunked the report. First, Holmes’ spokesperson denied it.

Second, Katie Holmes has no new baby. Also, Holmes and Jamie Foxx had split almost six months before the story was published. Thus, the claim was unlikely true.

Holmes devastated with Foxx’s sighting with baby mama

Meanwhile, another outlet purported that Katie Holmes was devastated with Jamie Foxx reuniting with his baby mama Kristin Grannis. The exes have been spotted lately sometimes alone, at other times with their daughter.

However, one should still take the report with a grain of salt. Holmes and Foxx already split months before he started going out with Grannis again.

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