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Katie Holmes wanted to change Suri’s name after divorce: Rumor


Katie Holmes allegedly wanted to change her daughter Suri’s name after she filed for divorce from Tom Cruise.

Katie Holmes and her ex-husband Tom Cruise separated in 2012. Holmes was allegedly eager to sever all ties with her ex-husband that she wanted to change her daughter’s name.

Katie Holmes wanted to change Suri’s name

Now Magazine claimed in 2012 that Katie Holmes was planning to change Suri’s name. The single-mom wanted to do it immediately after she divorced Tom Cruise to cut everything associating them.

“She’s been telling friends she wants to make Suri’s middle name Cruise and change her surname to Holmes,” a source told Now.

The source added that Holmes might not change Suri’s first name, but it is still possible because she didn’t like the name in the first place. The celebrity mom had reportedly given Suri a nickname from a popular book To Kill A Mockingbird.

“She hates the name Suri, so she gave her a nickname from To Kill A Mockingbird,” the source added.

Suri has a Hebrew and Persian origin, which means “princess” and “red rose.” Meanwhile, in Japan, it allegedly means “pickpocket,” but both Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes denied it.

However, one should take the report with a grain of salt. It was reported in 2012, and Suri’s name remains the same after eight years.

Also, it’s ridiculous to change Suri’s name by simply switching her middle name and last name. Besides, it defeats the purpose of changing her name to get rid of Tom Cruise’s last name.

Katie getting married to change Suri’s name

The rumor about Katie Holmes wanting to change Suri’s name has resurfaced again. Several outlets claimed that Katie is getting married to change her daughter’s last name.

The report sprang from Katie’s photo wearing a white dress on Instagram. However, one should take the report with a grain of salt because Katie is single after her split from Jamie Foxx. Thus, she has no one to marry. Also, it is unbelievable for Holmes to get married with the sole intention of changing Suri’s last name only.

Mother and daughter after divorcing Tom Cruise

According to Tom Cruise, he felt blindsided when Katie Holmes filed for divorce. He was not expecting it.

“I didn’t expect it,” Cruise said per CBS News.

“Life is a tragicomedy. You need to have a sense of humor.”

Shortly after filing the divorce, Holmes flew to New York with Suri. According to sources, Cruise has no relationship with his daughter.

However, in 2013, Cruise and Suri were spotted together. But after that, the father and daughter were never seen again.

Samantha Domingo, a former member of Scientology, claimed that Cruise was not allowed to contact his daughter. She said Cruise’s religion prohibits him from being with Suri because she is not a Scientologist.

She added that their sighting was just a photo-op. The Mission Impossible star wanted the public to see him with Suri to avoid criticisms.

However, the spokesperson of the Scientology church denied Domingo’s claim about the religion issue.

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