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Katie Holmes wasting away after Jamie Foxx split, weighs 91 pounds: rumor


Katie Holmes, allegedly, had a difficult time after her split from Jamie Foxx with one outlet claiming that she was “wasting away.”

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx dated for years after her divorce from Tom Cruise. However, the two kept their romance under wraps until several outlets reported that they already split. Holmes was allegedly having a hard time after their separation.

Katie Holmes wasting away after Jamie Foxx

Katie Holmes was reportedly heartbroken and stressed out after her split from Jamie Foxx. According to, she was desperate to slim down to relaunch her modeling career.

The Dawson’s Creek alum was allegedly not eating, and her daughter, Suri, was already concerned about her health because she only weighed 91 pounds. Suri allegedly begged her mom to eat.

“Katie is eating little more than celery sticks and lettuce with a handful of seeds and nuts thrown in,” an alleged source said.

“She can’t be taking in more than 500 calories a day and her clothes are hanging off her wire-hanger frame!”

Moreover, sources claimed that short walks had left her energy-sapped. It was a very different Holmes from the one who ran the 2007 New York City Marathon in five hours and 29 minutes.

Holmes battling self-esteem issues

The outlet also added that Katie Holmes was battling self-esteem issues after Jamie Foxx ended their six-year relationship. She allegedly thought that their romance would end up in marriage.

“She really thought they were going to get married and now she feels like a world-class fool,” the tipster added.

“Her confidence has been crushed, and she’s overcompensating with all this crazy dieting!”

Rumor debunked

Although the report might sound convincing to some, there is no piece of evidence to support the claim. Thus, one should take the report with a grain of salt.

There are many reasons why the report was unlikely true.

First, it used the accounts of unnamed sources.

Second, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes had not seen each other for weeks or months before their split was announced. Thus, when their separation made headlines, they must have already moved on.

Third, it wasn’t the only false rumors involving the exes.

Another outlet claimed that Katie Holmes was devastated about Jamie Foxx getting back with Kristin Grannis. An unnamed source claimed that Holmes wasn’t over Foxx.

“Katie is still heartbroken over Jamie, and thought they were in it for the long run. Seeing he’s moved on has hit her hard and has been an emotional trigger for he,” a source told Closer.

“She can’t help but feel as though she wasted the best part of her thirties on Jamie – when it seems he was never really over Kristin, and now with no one on the horizon, it has got her feeling really sad.”

Again, Holmes is doing good after her split from Foxx and has no issues with her weight.

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