Katie Holmes weds Emilio Vitolo 35 days after going public with their relationship: Rumor

Katie Holmes weds Emilio Vitolo 35 days after going public with their relationship: Rumor

Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo have, allegedly, tied the knot.

According to OK! magazine, Katie Holmes and Vitolo exchanged their “I do’s” 35 days after they went public with their relationship. Last month, the couple was photographed canoodling while hanging out at a restaurant.

Katie Holmes, Emilio Vitolo wed in a courthouse

A source told the tabloid that Holmes and Vitolo’s wedding took place at the courthouse.

“Katie wore her hair loose, a summery dress with a stylish jacket, and high heels and had a pretty little bouquet. She’s always thought it’d be so romantic to elope – and it was,” the source said.

A reception followed at Emilio Vitolo’s restaurant

Following the ceremony, the couple, allegedly, had a small celebration at Vitolo and his dad’s restaurant.

“Katie’s been a regular at the restaurant and has known Emilio and his dad for years. After the ceremony, they held a small celebration there with Italian food galore, lots of wine, and a gorgeous wedding cake made by the restaurant’s pastry chef,” the source said.

Katie Holmes, Emilio Vitolo staying mum about their wedding 

Katie Holmes, Emilio Vitolo staying mum about their wedding

The insider then claimed that Holmes and Vitolo are still keeping their wedding hush-hush. And they’ve only, allegedly, told a few friends that they’ve already tied the knot.

Next year, when everything in the world is much better, Katie Holmes and Vitolo could, allegedly, have a bigger wedding. But before this happens, the couple is, allegedly, thinking about starting a family first.

“She can imagine herself with two or three more kids, and Emilio’s definitely on board. Katie hopes to get pregnant by Christmas at the latest. In the meantime, she’s still pinching herself – she’s never been happier,” the source said.

Is the couple’s relationship doomed due to cheating?

But despite the alleged happy news, Star claimed that Holmes and Vitolo’s relationship is doomed. A source said that the Dawson’s Creek star should be cautious because Vitolo is a major flirt.

“Emilio is a ladies’ guy. He’s been texting a bunch of girls, saying things between him and Katie aren’t nearly as serious as they seem,” the source said.

But Holmes couldn’t, allegedly, notice the red flags because she’s madly in love with Vitolo. In fact, the actress is, allegedly, obsessed with her boyfriend.

“Kate’s adamant that they’ll elope. In her mind, they’re two kindred souls destined to be together,” the source said.

However, Vitolo’s mom, Lourdes doesn’t, allegedly, agree. After all, she, allegedly, likes Vitolo’s ex, Rachell Emmons more than Holmes.

Rumors debunked

But one should take the claims made by the tabloids with a grain of salt.

Their contradicting statements about Katie Holmes and Vitolo’s relationship prove that their claims are just based on hearsays.

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