Katie Holmes worried Emilio Vitolo is plotting his revenge on her: Rumor

Katie Holmes worried Emilio Vitolo is plotting his revenge on her: Rumor

Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo’s relationship is, reportedly, on the rocks.

According to National Enquirer, Katie Holmes is worried that her chef boyfriend would plot his revenge on her if she decides to end their relationship.

“Katie’s very close to pulling the plug, but she’s hesitating because Emilio has had messy breakups in the past. They’re talking and texting, but Katie keeps blowing him off, except for the occasional dinner. Emilio can see the writing on the wall, and he’s getting testy,” the source said.

Emilio Vitolo already on dating apps before Katie Holmes split

The insider revealed that Vitolo is also trying to protect his heart by going on dating apps and matching with a slew of women. This way, he would be OK if and when Holmes decides to end their relationship.

“Emilio’s a loose cannon and Katie must know it, especially as he’s known to be a fame-hungry guy who has nothing to prevent him from talking once this split becomes official. He’s just the type to blab about their personal time together and details that would prove awfully embarrassing to Katie if they got out,” the source said.

Katie Holmes friends want her to split from Emilio Vitolo 

Katie Holmes friends want her to split from Emilio Vitolo

Friends of Holmes are, allegedly, thrilled to know that the end is in sight for the couple. In fact, they are convinced that the Dawson’s Creek star rushed into a relationship with Vitolo.

“Many feel Katie let her guard down too soon and fell into a fling with someone who heartlessly dumped his fiancée to be with her. Katie obviously found the exposure liberating, judging by her smiles. He definitely encouraged her to let loose and be in love for all the world to see,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

As of late, there is no confirmation that Holmes and Vitolo have officially called it quits. And if they have, this is a private matter between the couple.

It is unlikely for the tabloid to know details about Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo’s relationship when they haven’t publicly addressed it. And as for rumors that Vitolo is fame-hungry and a serial dater, there is also no proof that this is the case.

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