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Katy Perry jealous of Orlando Bloom’s love, closeness to dog Mighty: rumor


Kate Perry is, allegedly, jealous of Orlando Bloom’s love and closeness to his dog, Mighty.

According to Woman’s Day, Katy Perry and Bloom are having problems in their relationship. And things only became much worse after Bloom announced that his dog has gone missing.

The couple looked everywhere for Mighty, but they were unsuccessful in finding the adorable poodle. Bloom and Perry handed out flyers to the people in their neighborhood in the hopes that someone would return the pooch home.

Katy Perry didn’t allegedly sympathize with Orlando Bloom after he lost his dog

An unnamed source told the tabloid that Perry joined Bloom in handing out flyers. However, the expression on her face showed that she wasn’t happy to be there.

Perry is in the final stretch of her pregnancy, and a source said that she’d rather focus on the arrival of her first-born instead of looking for Bloom’s dog.

Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom rarely interact on social media?

The tabloid also questioned Perry and Bloom’s lack of interaction on social media and said that this is an indication that there’s trouble in paradise.

And when Bloom posted a lengthy tribute to Mighty, Perry simply commented by telling Bloom that she loves him. However, the tabloid once again said that this wasn’t enough sympathy coming from the “Roar” singer.

“Their friends have noticed that there hasn’t been a lot of social media interaction between Katy and Orlando at all lately and what she does say seems forced. Orlando treated Mighty like a human and lavished a lot more attention on him than he does on Katy, which she has never been fond of,” the unnamed source said.

Orlando Bloom gets a Mighty-inspired tattoo

Katy Perry is also, allegedly, upset over the tattoo that Bloom got of his dog.

“She can’t help but feel that Mighty’s escape, and now his sad passing, is overshadowing the final days of her pregnancy when she needs her man the most. He’s already had a kid. So, he knows exactly what to expect, while Kate is feeling like a classic first-time mum and really nervous. At times, she has felt that Orlando hasn’t prioritized being there for her,” the source said.

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. It is unlikely for Perry to be jealous of Bloom’s relationship with Mighty. Katy Perry also has a teacup poodle named Nugget, who she treats like her own baby.

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