Kawhi Leonard, Clippers in trouble because of Lou Williams?

Kawhi Leonard, Clippers in trouble because of Lou Williams?

Kawhi Leonard and the entire Los Angeles Clippers team may be in trouble because of the off-bubble antics of Lou Williams in a strip club.

The Los Angeles Clippers are one of the favorites to win the championship this year. The duo of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George is a sight to see for fans, but a nightmare of opposing teams. The two superstar forwards choke up, passing and driving lines like they eat defense for breakfast.

As such, the Clippers may win it all this season inside Disney World’s restarted NBA games. The Los Angeles-based team is stacked with veterans that want nothing else other than a championship. It is their superstars combined with a strong roster that makes them a menacing team.

Kawhi Leonard praises Patrick Beverly

Leonard told Sports Illustrated that working out with Beverly during the lockdown was a good experience. He said that Beverly is a learner and just wants to improve on his craft every day. Kawhi said,

“[He] wants to get better every day… It was up to him to grasp that or suck it in like a sponge. I think that’s what he did. Came back better.”

Beverly was the first to support Lebron James’ decision to continue the season. He’s been known to be a fighter and doesn’t back down against any opponent. His most famous rivalry on the court is with Russell Westbrook, where Patrick has a 14-10 winning record against the former MVP.

Lou Williams under investigation

While Beverly is busy locking in for a championship run, Lou Williams seems to be distracted. The sixth man of the Clippers is on pace to win his fourth Sixth Man of the Year award this season after carrying the team in the absence of Leonard and George.

Unfortunately, his chance of winning the award might be in jeopardy. Williams is reportedly under investigation for doing extra-curricular activities outside the bubble. He originally requested a pass to step out of the bubble for personal reasons. However, the NBA found out that he visited a gentleman’s club after attending to this personal matter.

The NBA is taking the health protocols inside the bubble seriously. And as such, moving in and out of Orlando is only permitted for personal reasons. Other than that, any absence from the bubble will merit deductions in their salary. With Williams’ action, he may be subjected to a longer quarantine period, which could last until early in the Playoffs.

The NBA hasn’t officially sent out the repercussions of Williams’ actions. However, heavy punishment is expected to be let out soon.

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