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Kazan Yamaoka, Yui Kimura joining the roster in ‘Dead by Daylight Mobile’


While lagging behind its PC and console counterparts, Dead by Daylight Mobile will be seeing new content in the form of the Cursed Legacy Chapter that introduces Kazan Yamaoka and Yui Kimura as new Killer and Survivor, respectively, as well as new aesthetics to wear.

The update is a follow-up to the mobile version of Dead by Daylight that only saw release back in April this year.

Mobile Rendition

Despite being the same chapter from the PC and console versions, the mobile release will see a disparity from the original. The primary difference being the additional maps to introduce in the mobile rendition of the game. Which, instead of the Sanctum of Wrath, is replaced by two maps that make up the Crotus Prenn Asylum. Namely, Father Campbell’s Chapel and the Cursed Ward.

Being the less capable of all platforms, the added maps will see visual adjustment that levels mobile’s capability. Although less stellar than its superior counterparts, due to reduced lighting and textures, would remain a beauty to look at on mobile.

While significantly distinct as a Killer, Yamaoka, otherwise known as The Oni, shares similarity with another Killer in the roster. Those who are familiar with the game would often describe The Oni as having a likeness to The Hillbilly. Referring to the two’s ability to charge on a straight line, easily catching up to escaping Survivors on their path. In terms of speed, however, The Hillbilly remains to be the faster of the two.

Unlike The Hillbilly, The Oni is also unique in that it feeds on Survivors’ blood to transform itself into a more frightening demon, subsequently unlocking the Ramaoka’s Wrath that grants the sprinting attack that renders any Survivor into a dying state if hit.

To the right player, The Oni can easily dominate each Trial, leaving Survivors dying one after another, ultimately hindering their escape.

Other Exciting Contents

To coincide with the Cursed Legacy Chapter’s entry into mobile, the game will also see new cosmetic items. These come in the form of new outfits specific to Med, Dwight, The Trapper, and The Nurse.

Dead by Daylight Mobile has been getting a steady release of updates since release, which only improves it every single time. The Cursed Legacy Chapter is no exception to the idea.

Behavior Interactive has not issued a specific release date when the update will launch on mobile. However, it should be expected to arrive sometime next week.

Stay tuned for more information.

Image used courtesy of Gamer’s Little Playground/YouTube Screenshot

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