Keanu Reeves is now a comic book writer

Keanu Reeves is now a comic book writer

BOOM! Studios has officially unveiled BRZRKR, a limited comic book series written by Keanu Reeves and Matt Kindt, and illustrated by Alessandro Vitti. The first issue will be launching in October later this year.

The existence of the new comic book title was confirmed by BOOM! Studios through an announcement posted on its official website.

On its official Twitter page, BOOM! Studios also took the opportunity to reveal that BRZRKR’s run will be limited to a dozen issues only, at least for now.

Reeves’s comics debut

It can be said that Keanu Reeves is no stranger to venturing into comics-related projects, considering that he once played the DC character Constantine from the Hellblazer comic books about 15 years ago.

So to hear the Canadian actor be involved in a new comics project as a writer may seem a bit surprising and even odd for some of his fans.

Still, Reeves has had some experience as a storyteller himself, especially after directing a full-length movie (2013’s Man of Tai Chi) and writing an adult picture book (2011’s Ode to Happiness).

This time around, he tries his hand at comic books with BRZRKR, which marks his Must Read comics writing debut. Of course, he’s hardly alone, sharing writing duties with comics veteran Matt Kindt (of Pistolwhip and 2 Sisters fame).

Keanu Reeves BRZRKR comics

What’s the story?

BRZRKR follows the adventures and misadventures of an immortal character called Berzerker, who is half-God and half-human.

A warrior hardened by centuries’ worth of combat experience, Berzerker finds himself now working for the American government, an operative assigned to fight battles no ordinary soldier can win.

For his services, he only asks one thing—To learn the truth about his immortality, and how to escape it.

Apart from his deadly fighting skills, Berzerker happens to possess perfect memory, and a mastery of lots of languages, borne mainly from having lived on planet Earth for thousands of years. And oh, he can heal quickly too, and sure does look a lot like that John Wick guy.

Geared for mature audiences, the BRZRKR limited series serves up plenty of action and brutality, brought to life in the pages courtesy of illustrator Alessandro Vitti, with help from colorist Bill Crabtree and letterer Clem Robins.

As mentioned earlier, the first issue will come out in October at exclusive comic book shops, and through BOOM! Studios’ official online store.

For those who want to get the digital version of the comics, they will be able to buy it from services like comiXology, iBooks, Madefire, and Google Play at launch.

Image 1 and Image 2 courtesy of BOOM! Studios

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