Keanu Reeves may be reprising his role as John Constantine

Keanu Reeves may be reprising his role as 'John Constantine'

DC’s snarky spell-casting cynic John Constantine might be gearing up for another big-screen adventure, with Keanu Reeves allegedly taking on the role once more.

It has been more than a decade since we’ve last seen Keanu Reeves depict the iconic chain-smoking, demon-fighting renegade Constantine.

The web has been abuzz with rumors of a new Constantine movie from Warner Bros. and producer J.J. Abrams, which is reportedly set to be released on HBO Max.

It appears that motion-picture giant plans to re-introduce the Justice League heroes in a slew of standalone films before bringing them all together in a new streaming series.

The birth of Constantine

Constantine the movie hit theaters 15 years ago, earning US$29.8 million[AU$42.8 million] during its opening weekend and grossing US$76 million[AU$108.8 million] in the United States and Canada by the end of its run in June 2005.

The film chronicles the events in the life of occult detective John Constantine as he was caught in a wager between God and Lucifer for the souls of humankind.

He portrays a cynic who seeks to earn salvation by banishing demons back to hell, all the while struggling with his own affliction.

A lukewarm reception

The live-action movie garnered mixed reviews from its worldwide audience. While moviegoers may have fancied the ordinary man with extraordinary abilities coupled with the film’s intriguing premise, critics were quick to point out flaws in the overall production, with some describing it as “second-rate” and even comparing it to two hours of purgatory.

On a more positive note, it was described as “An engrossing mix of atmospheric gothic horror and smart sci-fi that’s cemented by intriguing mythology, terrific visual effects, a dry sense of humor and an ideally cast Keanu Reeves” by The Hollywood Reporter, quoted by IMDb.

Constantine was also applauded by Time for being “a one-of-a-kind hybrid: a theological noir action film.” The Dallas Observer also noted the film adaptation to be “a deceptively thoughtful tale tricked up like an action movie; it’s beautiful to look at but even more lovely to ruminate over.”

Metacritic gave it an aggregated score of 50, based on 41 Critic Reviews. User Reviews, on the other hand, touted it as an underrated film, and praised it for the religious overtone and occult lore that somehow worked, despite the movie not being as faithful to the comics as it should have been.

Keanu Reeves fans will definitely be on the lookout for the new Constantine movie, given the success of his John Wick trilogy whose last installment was released in 2019. DC devotees will likewise be thrilled, following the demand of the superhero’s return after his series’ short-lived run on the small screen.

Featured image courtesy of DC Comics

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