Keanu Reeves has ‘profound’ thought about death

Keanu Reeves had a fair share of tragedy in his life.

Despite the popularity and fame, Keanu Reeves has kept himself “grounded.” Many fans and supporters have continued to praise and adore him for his humility and down-to-earth attitude toward everything.

Reports said that he is no stranger to tragedies in his life. Amid all the successes and achievements, he experienced devastating challenges and difficulties in the past.

Keanu Reeves lost his friend, baby, and former partner

In 1993, Keanu Reeves lost his close friend, River Phoenix, who died in a drug overdose. Six years later, he and his then-partner, Jennifer Syme, lost their baby girl in a stillborn birth, according to IndieWire.

Following the tragic events, the couple decided to separate, but they remained as close friends. Unfortunately, Syme died in a tragic car accident in Los Angeles in 2001.

The publication said that he “stepped back” from the public spotlight after the accident to “grieve privately.” He was, reportedly, preparing for The Matrix sequels when this happened.

Fans and followers love him

After the tragic events in his life, Keanu Reeves continued to live a simple life. Several photos of him even went viral showing his kindness and humility to others.

These instances have become one of the bases as to why many fans and followers adore him much more. Aside from his acting skills, his personality and character built further his good reputation before the public.

In recent years, he repeatedly went viral on the internet for several things. These include him being the “internet’s boyfriend,” a term netizens’ coined for him because of his kind, generous, and “respectful” personality.

After his widespread distinction, he, also, went viral last year because of his shocking interview. As it happened, he gave the most “profound” and “beautiful” thoughts about death, according to Cheat Sheet.

He thinks this will happen after death

Speaking to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Keanu Reeves discussed a few important details about his project, Bill and Ted Face the Music. He touched on the subject of “mortality” and death in relation to the film’s plot.

After sharing the details of the production, Colbert moved on to asking him a “heavy question.” He asked the John Wick actor what he thinks about the events that will happen after death.

Although the audience seemingly took it as a “witty” and funny question, the actor answered it directly. He said that the “ones who love us will miss us.” Following Keanu Reeves’ response, Colbert and the rest of the audience went in total silence, as they, reportedly, pondered on the “profound” remark.

Image courtesy of s_bukley/Shutterstock

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