Keanu Reeves reveals how music helped him ‘get through worse’

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves proved that he is not only an action film actor but a comedian, too, through the “Bill & Ted” franchise.

For years, Keanu Reeves starred in several action series. From John Wick to The Matrix franchise, the movies truly highlighted the actor’s cool side.

But aside from leaving his viewers in awe with his action stunts, Keanu revealed how the Bill & Ted franchise saved him.

In the recent installation titled, Bill & Ted Face the MusicKeanu unleashed his musician side. He and Alex Winter began their journey to save the world through their music.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Fox News, the 56-year-old referred to music as his savior in life.

According to Keanu, music holds a huge part in his life.

“Music has been part of the celebration of the best and helped me get through the worst,” the actor told the news outlet.

Meanwhile, Winter also shared the same sentiments and applauded the art form for breaking barriers.

He added that music always brought him together with other people. His ideas also grew further because of it.

“Bill & Ted” franchise saved the two, as well

After recognizing what music has done in their lives, the co-stars continued to praise their movie during the interview.

“The characters, their message is to be excellent and party on, meaning to really be there for your fellow and to enjoy life and I think that’s really a sincere aspect of who they are and how the films are written,” Winter uttered. “That’s a really positive and sincere message to bring to people right now.”

In addition, Reeves recalled when people talked about the films under the franchise and gave positive comments.

For Reeves, hearing people see their films like that made the experience more awesome than ever.

Another Keanu and Winter’s fan!

Among those fans include Glee alum Jayma Mays, who proclaimed that he herself is a fan of the movie. She also confessed that she rewatched the movies several times already.

“When I got the audition for the film, it literally said, ‘Audition: Bill and Ted,’ and I was like, ‘Yes, [I’m] in, auditioning for whatever part you have available,” she said.

Even Erinn Hayes joined the fan club before joining the franchise.

Per Hayes, she celebrated when she got chosen for a role. Since she has two kids, they all watched the previous films before shooting the new installment.

Featured image courtesy of TheEllenShow Official Youtube Channel

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