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Keith Urban chooses his career over Nicole Kidman, leaves Australia: Rumor


Keith Urban has, allegedly, made a huge decision shortly after flying to Australia with Nicole Kidman and their two children.

Kidman returned to her hometown last month to take part in an upcoming project in Australia. The actress was joined by Keith Urban, who seemingly opted to be with his family than pursue his music career in the United States.

But just weeks after his trip to Australia, the country musician, reportedly, returns to the United States. Urban will perform in the 10th-anniversary celebration of the iHeartRadio Music Festival in September.

Keith Urban flies back to Nashville

According to Woman’s Day, Urban’s decision to return to Nashville is a clear indication that he’s choosing his career over his wife and kids. An unnamed source told the tabloid that Kidman was also blindsided by Urban’s decision to leave Australia.

“It’s come as a total shock to her as she was under the impression they’d both be staying in Australia for the foreseeable future, especially given the girls have been enrolled in school. Clearly, Keith has something else in mind. It’s not like it’s easy to skip between countries with all this madness going on,” the source said.

Nicole Kidman allegedly feels blindsided by Keith Urban

The insider also said that Urban decided to take part in the festival to show his wife that he had an important reason to return home.

“Nicole never thought he’d commit to the iHeart show, given it’s so far down the track, but he can’t imagine spending months in Australia not working on his music,” the source said.

The source added that Kidman and Keith Urban are having problems with their living arrangements. Even though the couple recently purchased a $5 million apartment in New York City, the Big Little Lies star doesn’t want to live in the US permanently.

“So, the rumor is this Tribeca place is a bachelor pad for Keith to escape to when he needs to be on his own to write,” the source said.

Is the couple having marital problems?

Last week, Woman’s Day published a contradicting story about the couple. The tabloid claimed that Urban gave up his music career to fix his marriage to Kidman.

“His life and career are back in Tennessee. After months of quarantining in America with his family, it became fairly obvious that Nicole would literally go without him. And she would take their girls if he didn’t agree to come along. Essentially, he’s agreed to come back to save their marriage. It would have been unworkable being apart for who knows how long, so he relented. But he will miss the music scene in Nashville a lot,” the source said.

As such, one should take the claims about Keith Urban and Kidman’s marriage and careers with a grain of salt.

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