Keith Urban refuses to come home despite Nicole Kidman’s pleas due to quarantine issue: Rumor

Keith Urban refuses to come home despite Nicole Kidman's pleas due to quarantine issue: Rumor

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are, allegedly, on a stand-off right now because of their living arrangements.

According to New Idea, Kidman has been begging Keith Urban to come home because they’ve been apart for a few weeks. Urban has, reportedly, been staying in Nashville, while Kidman is in Australia filming for her upcoming project.

Keith Urban doesn’t want to be in Australia with his wife and kids

A source told the tabloid that Urban is hesitant to return to Australia due to a slew of reasons.

“He feels more creatively fulfilled in Nashville. There is also the issue of Australia’s quarantine rules. He can’t stand the thought of isolating alone for two weeks every time he comes back. At least last time they were all together. He’ll eventually cave because Nic usually gets her own way, but they’re at an interesting stand-off right now,” the source said.

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban living arrangements 

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban living arrangements

Rumors about Kidman and Urban feuding over where they should stay have been rife since the coronavirus pandemic hit the country. Initially, the couple has been staying in the United States.

But after the lockdown was lifted and fewer travel restrictions were put in place, the couple was able to return to Australia. However, Urban’s stay on the continent didn’t last very long because he has upcoming projects in the United States.

Nicole Kidman shocked by her husband’s sudden change of heart

Last month, Woman’s Day claimed that Keith Urban left Australia without Kidman. While this is true, the tabloid made it seem as though this was a big deal.

“It’s come as a shock to her as she was under the impression they’d both be staying in Australia for the foreseeable future, especially given the girls have been enrolled in school. Clearly, Keith has something else in mind. It’s not like it’s easy to skip between countries with all this madness going on,” the source said.

However, the tabloid also revealed that Urban returned to the United States to take part in the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Nashville.

Rumors debunked

In July, New Idea claimed that the couple was finalizing their $13 million prenup. The tabloid claimed to have gathered details from the alleged document but this isn’t true. The tabloid simply quoted another dubious source in their story.

As such, one should take all the rumors about Kidman and Urban with a grain of salt especially when they come from the tabloids.

Keith Urban and Kidman may be living apart temporarily because of their professional engagement, but this doesn’t mean that they are having problems in their marriage.

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