Keith Urban set his career aside to save Nicole Kidman marriage: Rumor

Keith Urban, allegedly, decided to set his career in Tennessee aside to focus on his marriage to Nicole Kidman.

According to Woman’s Day, Kidman decided to return to Australia to start an upcoming project. And the actress took her entire family with her. Even though Keith Urban has a flourishing career in Tennessee, he agreed to join Kidman and their kids back home.

“His life and career are back in Tennessee. But after months of quarantining in America with his family, it became fairly obvious that Nicole would literally go without him and take their girls if he didn’t agree to come along. Essentially, he’s agreed to come back to save their marriage. It would have been unworkable being apart for who knows how long, so he relented. But he will miss the music scene in Nashville a lot,” an unnamed source said, as per Woman’s Day.

Nicole Kidman wants to stay with her mom in Australia

According to New Idea, Kidman wanted to go back home to Australia so she could be with her mom, Janelle. Since the latter is already getting old, she’s at high-risk for COVID-19.

Before Kidman and Urban decided to return to Australia, the couple, allegedly, had several discussions about their plans.

“He understood her needs to go to Australia – after all, he grew up in South Queensland and his mom and brother are still there. But his career depends on hum being in America. He’s a much more famous name there, and he is anxious to get touring in the States as soon as it’s safe to do so,” the source said.

Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman having problems in their marriage?

Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman having problems in their marriage?

The insider also claimed that things were getting so dire for Keith Urban and Kidman while they were in isolation with their twins. As such, the country singer, allegedly, realized that he has no other choice but to join his wife and kids so Kidman could pursue something that she’s passionate about.

“Keith feels like he’s sacrificed a lot to be the perfect husband and move to Australia, but Nic’s not having it all her way. It’s no mistake she’s hired a gay actor to play one of the main characters. And he concedes it’s not the worst move for him either,” the source said.

Keith Urban rumors debunked

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. Before Urban and Kidman traveled to Australia, the couple most likely had discussions on how to they will go about their relationship and career while they are.

Keith Urban and Kidman must have already sorted everything out. And it’s not any tabloid’s business to gossip on what the couple will do to keep their relationship strong.

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