Kelly Clarkson at risk for repetitive cycle of depression if she doesn’t seek help

Kelly Clarkson could, reportedly, find herself at risk for a repetitive cycle of depression if she doesn’t immediately seek help.

Last month, the American Idol winner announced her divorce from Brandon Blackstock after seven years of marriage. Shortly after, Kelly Clarkson spoke with Demi Lovato on her talk show, where she revealed that she suffers from depression.

Kelly Clarkson should seek professional help for her depression

While speaking with Globe, Los Angeles clinical psychologist, Dr. Judy Rosenberg, weighed in on the singer’s struggles.

“The loss of a marriage and major support system, particularly for such a creative and sensitive person as Kelly, is a recipe for a repetitive cycle of depression followed by isolation, followed by deeper depression,” she said.

Dr. Gilda Carle, the author of I’m Worth Loving, Here’s Why, encouraged Clarkson to immediately seek professional help.

“Kelly really needs to speak to a counselor. Dealing with depression is hard enough, but she’s going through a divorce while dealing with kids and work. Add to that the coronavirus lockdown and it’s a double whammy,” she said.

Kelly Clarkson talks about her struggles while in quarantine

Kelly Clarkson talks about her struggles while in quarantine

During her conversation with Lovato, Clarkson admitted that her life had been quite a roller coaster as of late. The singer also said that isolating at home has been very difficult because of the many things she has to do.

“Honestly, I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster. This has been really hard as a working parent because I’m still doing all the same jobs. It’s been exhausting honestly, cooking every meal and cleaning nonstop after toddlers and teenagers,” she said.

Did the singer have a breakdown during her concert?

According to Globe, Kelly Clarkson had a breakdown in 2005 after her relationship with David Hodges ended. While on her Addicted tour, Clarkson locked herself in the bathroom.

The tabloid also claimed that Clarkson has been yoyo-dieting throughout the past couple of years. And the singer’s weight, allegedly, ballooned to 175 pounds or more.

‘The Voice’ coach positive, confident amid her struggles

However, Clarkson has also been very positive despite her struggles. While speaking with Glamour UK, the “I Dare You” singer said that she’s a strong and confident individual.

“There are always things that happen that come up that bum you out, but at the same time, you’ve got to recognize… it’s made you who you are. I’m a very strong individual. I’m very confident, and I’ve been forced to find that in myself,” Kelly Clarkson said.

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