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Kelly Clarkson confronts Brandon Blackstock about cheating, using her but he denied it: Rumor


Kelly Clarkson is still, allegedly, reeling months after she filed for divorce from Brandon Blackstock.

As of late, Kelly Clarkson has not shared details about the divorce because she’s protecting her children. But a source told National Enquirer that it’s only a matter of time before she says something about her manager.

“Kelly is known for oversharing, but she’s keeping her lips zipped about Brandon. She never wants her children to know how bad things really were with their dad,” the source said.

Kelly Clarkson thinks Brandon Blackstock cheated on her

But the insider insisted that there was cheating involved, and Blackstock was the one that went astray. However, the music producer has since denied the allegations.

“Whenever Kelly confronted him about cheating, Brandon denied it. But her feeling was that where there’s smoke there’s fire,” the source said.

Brandon Blackstock commented negatively on his ex-wife’s weight

Blackstock also, allegedly, made rude comments about Clarkson’s weight, and she just couldn’t take them anymore. And even though they are both earning, Blackstock has been accused of using his wife’s money.

“He’d say he didn’t care what Kelly weighed, but he threw in that he never saw a successful pop star that looked like her. He’s already got a cut of Kelly’s earnings, but he had no problem spending her money on top of his own,” the source said.

The insider snitched that Blackstock became obsessed with buying expensive properties. And Kelly Clarkson didn’t think that they needed any of it.

But despite their ongoing feud, a source close to the American Idol winner said that Clarkson wants to have an amicable relationship with Blackstock.

“Kelly wants River Rose and Remy to grow up with their half-siblings. That’s one reason she won’t badmouth Brandon in front of any of them. She wants her kids to love their dad – no matter how lousy she thinks he was as a husband,” the source said.

Kelly Clarkson’s new music will be about her husband

But another source told Life & Style that Clarkson is using her new songs to speak out on her divorce from Blackstock. The Voice coach is working on her new album, and recording songs has, reportedly, been therapeutic for her.

However, the tabloid claimed that Clarkson doesn’t have her ex-husband’s support.

“Brandon isn’t one bit happy about Kelly Clarkson airing their dirty laundry on the radio. While she isn’t directly naming Brandon on the album, Kelly’s made it crystal clear that some of the tunes are centered around the trials and tribulations of their marriage, and the heartache he caused her,” the source said.

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