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Kelly Clarkson continues to bad mouth her ex-husband making Brandon Blackstock upset: Rumor


Kelly Clarkson has been accused of constantly bad-mouthing her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Now, Globe is claiming that Kelly Clarkson has been making Blackstock furious and jealous because of her snide comments.

Brandon Blackstock wants world to know Kelly Clarkson isn’t nice

A source claimed that Blackstock can’t believe that a lot of people adore Clarkson because he doesn’t think very highly of her.

“Brandon thinks it’s a joke when everyone bows to Kelly like she’s a mini goddess, while he’s been painted as a douchebag by her team. Besides that, Kelly treats him like crap and humiliates him on her show with her constant moaning,” the source said.

Brandon Blackstock wants to get some credit

The insider added that Blackstock is also very successful in his own right because he has a long list of respectable clients.

“It’s hard for him to suck up the fact Kelly’s become Ellen’s successor-in-waiting when he believes he put her there in the first place. He’s sniping that he wasn’t only her coach and her manager, he was also her emotional crutch and sometimes therapist. People don’t know the real Kelly Clarkson, but he does. Brandon woke up with her every morning and it wasn’t always a pretty sight,” the source said.

Kelly Clarkson dirt allegedly exposed

Additionally, the source alleged that Blackstock feels that he never got recognition for the things that he did during his marriage to Kelly Clarkson. So, he’s out to get his ex-wife now so that everyone would know that she’s not as sweet and humble as she seems.

“Brandon’s blabbing Kelly would be lucky to get another husband after what she put him through,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. While it is true that Clarkson and Blackstock are not on the best of terms, it’s not true that the latter is out to get his ex-wife.

By the looks of it, Clarkson has already moved on from Blackstock. And even if she hasn’t, the singer has other important things to focus on.

Kelly Clarkson was recently named as Ellen DeGeneres’ replacement because she will be taking over the comedian’s timeslot starting next year.

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