Kelly Clarkson not thrilled, threatened to work with Ariana Grande on ‘The Voice’: Rumor

Kelly Clarkson not thrilled, threatened to work with Ariana Grande on 'The Voice': Rumor

Ariana Grande’s fans are excited to see her on The Voice starting next season. But the same cannot be said about Kelly Clarkson.

According to Globe, Kelly Clarkson is not excited to work with Grande because she’s threatened by the much younger and sexier singer.

“Kelly was not happy and to say she’s threatened is an understatement. There’s already so much excitement and planning going on ahead of Ariana’s arrival, and it’s obvious to Kelly the pop princess will be treated like a queen bee,” the source said.

Kelly Clarkson excited to work with Ariana Grande 

Kelly Clarkson excited to work with Ariana Grande

During a recent interview, Clarkson admitted that Grande will be her biggest competition once the latter joins The Voice. And by the looks of it, this is what convinced the tabloid that there’s an ongoing rift between the two even when there’s none.

“They said she was signing on, I was like, ‘We’re all going to lose.’ I love her though. I’m excited about it,” Clarkson said at the time.

The American Idol even admitted that she’s excited about Grande joining The Voice so the tabloid’s claims don’t really have any basis.

Kelly Clarkson talks behind Ariana Grande’s back

In fact, the tabloid’s unnamed source said that Kelly Clarkson must have just been sugarcoating her words to convince the public that she’s excited to work with Grande.

“Everyone knows this positive stuff she’s saying is actually pure baloney. Behind the scenes, Kelly’s trying to get the other judges to stand with her. But they’re rolling her eyes and telling her to get over herself. She’s already caused major drama with Blake Shelton, who’s rapidly tired of Kelly’s prima donna ways,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. After all, Clarkson doesn’t dislike Grande and she’s not also threatened by the singer.

There’s no reason for Clarkson to feel this way because she and Grande bring something different to the table.

It is also untrue that Kelly Clarkson is convincing her fellow The Voice judges to freeze Grande out. Shelton, John Legend, and the other judges on the show are all professionals.

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