Kelly Clarkson struggling to keep it together amid Brandon Blackstock divorce: Rumor

Kelly Clarkson struggling to keep it together amid Brandon Blackstock divorce: Rumor

Kelly Clarkson is still, allegedly, struggling to keep it together almost a year after she announced her divorce from Brandon Blackstock.

According to OK! magazine, the last few months have been hell for Kelly Clarkson. And she’s, allegedly, been crying nonstop.

The American Idol winner doesn’t also sleep as much, and she’s also secretly falling apart.

“She’s not in the best place emotionally. One day, she just started crying uncontrollably. She felt so lost, so alone. That’s when she knew she’d hit rock bottom,” the source said.

Kelly Clarkson didn’t want her divorce to be so toxic

Months after her divorce from Blackstock, Clarkson had to defend herself amid claims that she didn’t pay him and his dad’s record label.

“Kelly is stunned that things have taken such a nasty turn. All she wanted was to get out of the relationship, but Brandon’s made it extremely difficult to walk away peacefully,” the source said.

Kelly Clarkson stressed to the max

Kelly Clarkson stressed to the max

Now, the award-winning singer is also, allegedly, struggling to juggle her work and jobs as a single mom.

“She’s stressed to the max. She’s worried about how much the divorce is going to cost her while trying to keep the kids shielded from all the explosive family drama,” the source said.

Brandon Blackstock not on good terms with his ex-wife

Additionally, any hope for Kelly Clarkson and Blackstock to have an amicable relationship is gone because the exes do not, allegedly, get along.

“It’s shocking to those who knew them as a couple, but it’s hard for them to be civil. Relations between Kelly and Brandon have gotten even more bitter since the lawsuits. She doesn’t trust him, and he feels she’s thrown him to the wolves,” the source said.

But at the end of the day, Clarkson, allegedly, wants to make things better for herself and for her two children. So, the singer is thinking about seeking professional help.

“Kelly keeps a tight circle and doesn’t like to burden anyone with her problems, but she definitely needs support. Hard as it may be, Kelly’s finding strength doing mundane things at home with River and Remington. She bakes cookies with them, draws with them, reads them bedtime stories – those moments remind her that there’s a lot of good in her life. And she’s holding on to that with everything she has,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Kelly Clarkson hasn’t shared such private details about her divorce to the public.

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