Kelly Clarkson thinks Blake Shelton’s jokes are insensitive: Rumor

Kelly Clarkson thinks Blake Shelton’s jokes are insensitive: Rumor

Kelly Clarkson is, allegedly, raging over Blake Shelton’s insensitive jokes.

On the current season of The Voice, Shelton told Kelly Clarkson that she’s “gone Hollywood.” He also told the American Idol winner that she’s forgotten her roots.

On another occasion, Shelton urged one of the contestants to not choose Clarkson as her mentor because the latter won’t, allegedly, have time for her.

Kelly Clarkson offended by Blake Shelton's jokes on 'The Voice' 

Kelly Clarkson offended by Blake Shelton’s jokes on ‘The Voice’

Clarkson laughed off the remarks on air, but National Enquirer claimed that she’s very upset with Shelton behind closed doors.

“Kelly was shocked Blake found it funny to take shots at her on-air especially while she’s going through such a difficult time,” a source said.

Kelly Clarkson thinks Blake should’ve cut her some slack

The insider added that Clarkson thinks that Shelton should’ve been nicer and kinder to her since only a few months have passed since she got a divorce.

“Everyone knows she’s having a hard time with the divorce from Brandon Blackstock and trying to juggle two young kids and a talk show on top of her duties on The Voice. Kelly believes if anyone should be aware of all she’s going through, it should be Blake. She thinks his jokes were cruel – and won’t forgive him anytime soon,” the source said.

However, Kelly Clarkson hasn’t directly said that she’s hurt over Shelton’s jokes. It is possible that the tabloid is just weighing on the matter based on their own observation.

‘The Voice’ coaches at odds with each other last year

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time that Clarkson and Shelton were involved in a dubious claim together.

Last November, the same tabloid alleged that The Voice coaches were at odds with each other because Shelton is still represented by Clarkson’s former manager.

“Blake and Gwen love Kelly, but they’re still represented by Narvel and Brandon. Gwen has become like an older sister to Kelly since she joined the show. With the divorce and all this legal action between Kelly and the Blackstocks, they are in a tough and awkward spot. They want to stay friends with all of them, but things have gotten so bitter. Blake and Gwen are caught in the middle,” the source said.

However, Kelly Clarkson and Shelton’s banter in The Voice proves that their friendship is still intact. And Shelton’s professional relationship with his manager doesn’t have anything to do with Clarkson.

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