Kelly Ripa battled severe health crisis, underwent surgery last year rumor debunked

Kelly Ripa battled severe health crisis, underwent surgery last year rumor debunked

Kelly Ripa sparked rumors that she could be suffering from a severe health crisis last year.

The speculations started after Kelly Ripa missed a taping of Live With Kelly and Ryan. Globe immediately claimed that this was because the host was battling something serious.

“People were so concerned she missed the taping that they were afraid she might need surgery,” a source said.

Kelly Ripa suffered a health scare last year

The insider also claimed that Ripa really wanted to go on air, but she just couldn’t do it because she was seriously ill.

“It was clear she needed help. Kelly’s not one to miss a show unless it’s something that’s absolutely serious. She hates to not be doing her job because she knows that on television, everybody is vulnerable. She hasn’t forgotten how easily she slid into Kathy Lee Gifford’s seat even after years of audiences embracing her as Regis Philbin’s partner,” the source said.

“Everyone knows her work ethic. If she was up to it, she would have gone in front of the camera. But friends said they had never seen her looking that ill or depressed,” the source said.

Kelly Ripa denies that she was seriously ill 

Kelly Ripa denies that she was seriously ill

But when Ripa returned to Live With Kelly and Ryan, she immediately denied the claims that she was seriously ills.

“Rumors of my death were exaggerated. I was doubled over. But in my mind, I was standing upright and I looked great. And I kept thinking, ‘Wow, you know what, I’m a trooper. You would never know I’m sick.’ And then they were like, ‘Are you dying?’ You know when you walk into a room and everyone backs out of the room? I was that person,” she said.

Gossip Cop also debunked the tabloid’s claims by saying that Kelly Ripa missing one workday doesn’t mean that she’s seriously ill or that she’s going to undergo surgery.

Just recently, Mark Consuelos’ wife told People how she’s been keeping up with her diet and exercise while in quarantine. If she was very sick, she would no longer be in Live either, but she’s still very much a part of the talk show.

More rumors

Globe seems to be targeting Ripa for things that she doesn’t even do. For instance, they claimed that she has a habit of biting her nails. And because of this, they dubbed her as a cannibal.

The tabloid also claimed that Kelly Ripa and her husband are shelling out $1 million for their renewal of vows ceremony. However, this has never happened.

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