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Kelly Ripa refuses to book guests on Drew Barrymore Show rumor debunked


Kelly Ripa allegedly refuses to book those who appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show, according to one outlet.

Kelly Ripa and Drew Barrymore both host a daytime talk show that airs at the same time. So, it is easy to draw competition between the two. But one outlet took it further claiming that Ripa will no longer welcome those celebrities who appear on Barrymore’s show.

Kelly Ripa allegedly drawing blood

National Inquirer published a report claiming that Kelly Ripa has a reputation of not inviting back those who upset her. She allegedly has a “zero-tolerance” policy and A-listers knew that they would not be welcome back on her show if they appear The Drew Barrymore Show.

The outlet claimed that Ripa was drawing blood and was declaring war. She allegedly demanded celebrities to choose between her show and Drew Barrymore’s. The outlet added that it might not be personal as both Ripa and Ryan Seacrest also refused to share a guest booking with The View which shares a parent company.

The publication concluded that the move might be catastrophic to Barrymore because guests won’t appear on her show if they want to appear on Rippa’s show.

Rumor debunked

Gossip Cop debunked the report. The outlet noted that several celebrities already appeared on both shows, which means that the report was false. In the first few weeks when The Drew Barrymore Show aired, both Julianne Moore and Tyra Banks appeared on the show. But they have also appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan.

The outlet noted that The Drew Barrymore Show is another place or celebrities to do their press and Ripa is not getting the way. So, she still welcomes the same guests.

Gossip Cop added that hosts can’t “bully guests into exclusivity” when they need the guests more than the latter need them.

Drew Barrymore sets high standards for her show

Drew Barrymore has reportedly set high standards for her show. The Charlie’s Angels star said in a previous interview that she wanted to be like David Letterman and Howard Stern. Both are popular hosts and are highly acclaimed in what they do.

The Late Show with David Letterman on CBS has been on air since 1982. Meanwhile, The Howard Stern Show aired its first episode in 2006 and it is still airing.

Barrymore’s show premiered in September and several of her friends including her Charlie’s Angels co-stars Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz appeared on her show. Barrymore’s ex-husband Tom Green also supported her show.

Green and Barrymore didn’t talk for 15 years after their split. They reunited on the show and it made Barrymore emotional. The host cried during Green’s guesting on the show.

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