Kendall Jenner regrets having face tattoo after getting drunk

Kendall Jenner has three tattoos.

In 2018, Kendall Jenner became the highest-paying model in the world. But, even before her modeling career, she is already popular because of their family’s reality television show.

Fans and supporters, certainly, know almost every detail of their lives. However, the case is, reportedly, different for the eldest Jenner sibling. As stated, she has seemingly led a more private life than any of her sisters. This is why not everyone knows about her face tattoo, as well as her other body tattoos.

Kendall Jenner has two body tattoos

The 24-year-old model has a tattoo on both of her middle fingers, according to Body Art Guru. The most iconic one was, reportedly, her “twinning” ink with Justin Bieber’s wife.

The publication said that Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber got matching tattoos. In their left middle fingers, they had a “broken heart” inked to them. While Hailey got the red ink, Kendall chose white. So, it appears that she chose to be subtle for her tattoo.

On her right middle finger, reports said that she has a full heart tattoo. When asked about it, she said that it is just to balance the broken heart on the other finger. But, before having a full heart tattoo, the publication noted that it used to be a simple dot tattoo.

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The tattoo she regrets the most

Four years ago, Kendall Jenner got a shocking face tattoo after going out for a drink, according to Cheat Sheet. The tattoo reads, “meow,” inside her bottom lip.

She, reportedly, admitted that doing was not the “best idea.” Nevertheless, reports said that this would not cost her her job since it is “hidden.” But, regardless, Kendall revealed that she regrets having it. She, later on, said that she was “drunk,” and “not thinking straight.”

The young model asserted, though, that there is no “real meaning” behind the tattoo. She, then, explained that she just wanted to be able to say that she has a face tattoo.

Her parents are not a fan

Learning about the “face tattoo” did not impress Kris Jenner, according to Elle. This is likely the reason why she kept about it for months. The publication added that Kendall accidentally revealed her meow tattoo in an interview.

Since their teenage years, Kendall Jenner’s parents never allowed her to get tattoos. As seen in the earlier episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, she asked for permission back then but, Kris and the then-Bruce Jenner, reportedly, said no.

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