‘Kenga Omega’ Chapter 105: The continuation of Akoya, Nicolas’ fight

Kengan Omega Chapter 105

Kengan Omega Chapter 105 will feature the battle between Akoya Seishu and Nicolas le Banner.

The two’s fight will continue in the ninth round of the tournament in Kengan Omega Chapter 105. After fans see a glimpse of Nicolas’ power, it looks like Akoya will be in danger.

Akoya, Nicolas’ intense fight

After Nicolas reveals Grim Ripper’s secret weapon is a needle, it makes fans wonder if it has something to do with his incredible ability.

As he remains to be mysterious and unpredictable, can Akoy stand a fighting chance against him?

Nicolas’ attacks can be likened to a bee—sharp, impulsive, and deadly. He may have the power to immobilize or make his opponent numb.

Akoya even started not feeling his arm after taking only one hit from him in the previous episode.

According to Epic Dope, the new chapter will continuously show Nicolas’ true color. Kengan Omega Chapter 105 may also reveal why he is called the Grim Ripper of Paris.

Chapter 104 recap

Kengan Omega Chapter 104, titled “The Grip Ripper’s Weapon,” showed Teddy Nelnet’s meeting with Guil Lamela Banner. He introduced the latter to Rin, who was honored to meet the French kick-boxing mainstay.

Rin quickly realized Guil could be good for her business, especially for the martial arts fans. Guil was about 100 kilograms, a Judo Champion, and a Legendary Kickboxer.

She watched her sparring with Guil and praised their incredible strength, OtakuKart News noted. She knew they could make it to the top ranks of Kengan Matches, though it remained to be seen what Rin was planning with them.

Meanwhile, the Purgatory supporters were all hyped up to see Nicolas and Akoya’s match. Ladies were cheering for Nicolas, though Kengan fans were hesitant to root for Akoya.

They saw Akoya as an unstable maniac, so Wakatsuki believed it was wrong to send him to fight. He was also the reason why Murobuchi decided to extend his leave.

Nicolas continuously teased and annoyed Akoya, even slamming his face to test his patience.

Akoya, on the other hand, found it hard to hold his anger, but he was doing everything to do so. Nicolas quickly threw a jab at Akoya even before Shiina Alisa started the match.

However, he managed to dodge it off, but his left hand started to get numb.

What would happen next could be seen when Kengan Omega Chapter 105 drops on Thursday, April 15.

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