‘Kengan Omega’ Chapter 106: Will fans see the real Nicolas le Banner?

Kengan Omega Chapter 106

Kengan Omega Chapter 106 will continue the fight between Akoya and the fake Nicolas le Banner after the big reveal.

The previous episode shows Nicolas, who Akoya has been fighting, is an imposter, and no one knows the real one’s whereabouts. Will the real Nicolas emerge in Kengan Omega Chapter 106?

The fight’s continuation

The alleged Nicolas in the ring just looks like the original le Banner, and nobody knows if the real one is still alive.

This issue came to light after Rin met Teddy and Guillaume, though this didn’t mean that the fight would stop.

Kengan Omega Chapter 106 will resume the tournament’s ninth round, not minding if Nicolas is fake or not.

Akoya has been fighting using block and strike style, which seems to be a practical move against Nicolas.

He even surprises the viewers with his “short reaction time,” surpassing Nicolas’ similar move, Epic Dope noted.

However, Nicolas has a technique that he is yet to use. He can make his enemy numb or paralyze a body part with just a single strike.

Nicolas has yet to unleash the full extent of this movie, but he may use it against Akoya if he goes all out.

It looks like Lolong is confident that Nicolas will win the fight. He is convinced that his bet is the most superior among the A-rank fighters.

So in the next installment, fans may find out more about this fake fighter and what happened to the real Nicolas.

The manga’s storyline

Gladiator arenas have been a thing during Japan’s Edo period. Here, the wealthiest entrepreneurs and merchants hire gladiators to fight without any weapon, called Kengan matches.

The winner will have the chance to take everything, so it catches Yamashita Kazuo’s interest. He is an ordinary Japanese wage worker who sees the battle between two fighters in the alley.

One of Kengan’s famous fighters is Tokita “Ashura” Ohma, per Anime Manga News. He only joins the fight to destroy his enemies, so he gets the CEO of the Nogi Group Nogi Hideki’s attention.

He is in awe of how he dismantles his opponents, so he chooses him to be part of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament.

The event’s winner will be named the President of the Kengan Association, hosted by the most influential CEOs of Japan.

Tokita will be put to the test as he waits to battle his past that will come back to haunt him.

The continuation of Nicolas and Akoya’s fight will be seen when Kengan Omega Chapter 106 drops on Thursday, April 22.

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