‘Kengan Omega’ Chapter 113: Will Lolong, Ohma Tokita’s fight comes next?

The upcoming 11th round may be the last time Purgatory can redeem themselves in Kengan Omega Chapter 113.

After Tokuno O’ Tokumichi defeated Liu Dongcheng and took back the lead for team Kengan, could the Purgatory still win the fight? Who among their fighters would Lolong send in Kengan Omega Chapter 113?

The 11th Round

According to Epic Dope, fans will get to see who the fighters will take on the ring in the match’s 11th round.

After Tokuno has successfully brought Liu down, he just slimmed down the chance for the Purgatory to win the tournament.

Hence, the next battle in Kengan Omega Chapter 113 may be the “do-or-die match” for Purgatory.

To have a high chance to win this, Lolong himself may take the lead to bring back the momentum to Purgatory.

If this happens, fans may witness an intense fight between Ohma Tokita and Lolong. The much-awaited battle between the two will finally happen and it is truly a must-see for everyone.

However, if Lolong does not take the lead, he may send in a reliable fighter instead, like Terashi or Fei. Either of these two may turn the tides of the battle, making it in favor of Purgatory.

Chapter 112 Recap

In Kengan Omega Chapter 112, Tokumichi took Liu’s double kick directly, followed by consecutive hits until he was already on his knees.

Liu’s move was far different from the typical western martial arts everyone knew. The commentator even believed it could be a kind of secret oriental martial arts that no one had seen before.

Amidst the fight, Lolong seemed puzzled if Tokumichi would make it alive after the series of heavy blows he took.

A flashback was then played, featuring Carlos asking Naidan about Liu’s strengths and weaknesses.

He was about to fight off Liu at the time, so he tried to know things about his then-future enemy.

However, despite being one of A-class Purgatory’s fighters, Naidan lost to Liu during their first battle. He then noticed once Liu started the fight, he eventually “got out of hand.”

Back to the present timeline, Tokumich tried his best to redeem himself. He got back on his feet before the count ended, but his looks seemed to change.

He now appeared more roughed up, but he still had the strength in him to continue the fight that surprised Liu.

He started his amateurish but powerful moves again. He even became faster compared to before.

As he felt no other option left for him, Liu used Fa Jin again, but Tokumichi came prepared.

He effortlessly dodged the attack, creating an opening that let him grabbed Liu in the waist and put him down to the ground.

What happens next can be seen when Kengan Omega Chapter 113 drops on Thursday, June 10, per Indian News Live.

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