‘Kengan Omega’ Chapter 114: Can Liu snatch the victory from Tokumichi?

Kengan Omega Chapter 114

The fight between Liu and Tokumichi continued in Kengan Omega Chapter 114. The initial seems to have the upper hand in the game and if it continues, he may take the victory away from Purgatory.

Can Tokumichi change the course of the fight and put Liu down in Kengan Omega Chapter 114? Can he maintain the lead of the Purgatory, resulting in a possible big victory?

Chapter 114 Spoilers, Theories and More

Just when everyone thought the fight was over after Tokumichi smashed Liu to the ground, the latter surprisingly got up from his feet.

Tokumichi already proclaimed himself the winner, but Liu was not done yet, Epic Dope noted.

The pain of losing his best friend kept his fighting spirit high, quickly recovering from Tokumichi’s big blow.

Liu made it pretty evident that he would win the fight and prove it in Kengan Omega Chapter 114.

Liu is already at the peak of his stamina and giving Tokumich a rain of solid attacks. Now, it is just a matter of time before he finally wins this round.

Could he knock Tokumichi down or will the latter try to redeem himself?

Chapter 113 Recap

In Kengan Omega Chapter 113, Naidan told Lui he was not “accessible” after everything he went through in life.

In the present day, Lui heard Shin Ali started the count. In the count of eight, Lui said Tokumichi never visited Taiwan, OtakuKart News noted.

He then got up to the surprise or many, making Tokumuch realized he just “contoured his blow.”

He was back at his feet as Lui swore to himself that he couldn’t lose this fight. He already knew Naidan for a year and their time together had dramatically changed his life.

He then talked about his friendship with Naidan and how terrible he spoke Japanese. He then said friendship wasn’t all about logic.

As the fight continued, the crew and commentator started to wonder if there was something he could do to turn the tide of the battle.

Some believed Tokumichi would take advantage of the enemy’s weakness and finished Liu once and for all.

So, when Tokumich hit him with his heavy blow, Liu managed to dodge it that caught the initial off guard.

Tokumichi then hit him with a right hook, but Liu showered him with series of attacks. Liu then pulled his super move that no one had seen in Japan yet.

What was it? Some believed it could be Chinese Martial Arts and fans could see more of it when Kengan Omega Chapter 114 drops on Thursday, June 17.

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