‘Kengan Omega’ Chapter 115: Will Liu win over Tokumichi?


Kengan Omega Chapter 115 may reveal who will win between Tokumichi and Liu. The fight between these two continues and fans may finally know who will become the victor.

Viewers had a glimpse of Tokumichi’s story in the past episode, showing how he grew up with an ability he didn’t want to have. As he tried to remember his past traumas to inspire him to fight, could this help him beat up Liu in Kengan Omega Chapter 115?

Who Will Win The Fight?

No one wants to give up in Tokumichi and Liu’s battle. The initial seems to have the boost he needs to continue in his fight against Liu.

The latter, on the other hand, has no plans to give up either. He badly wants to win this fight and so he does not mind the permanent injury he has.

As they continuously fight each other, who will win between the two?

According to Epic Dope, Kengan Omega Chapter 115 will finally reveal who will triumph in this brawl. It is now the tournament’s 11th match and it has been going on for a few chapters now.

By the looks of it, Liu has the upper hand in the fight. He has been strongly hitting Tokumichi nonstop that can even put a full-grown bull down.

If this continues, how long can Tokumichi stand these hits?

In addition, as the previous chapter ended with a momentum centered on Liu, did it mean he would win the match?

Chapter 114 Recap

Kengan Omega Chapter 114 featured a flashback showing Tokumichi when he was still a global athlete. Everyone knew his physical capabilities, but no one knew his writing abilities, Anime Manga News noted.

The fighting skill he did not dream of having turned out a curse for him. This brought him to the fighting underground, taking it worldwide to finance his novels.

Later, he found a much better function that could keep him afloat in this business. Tokumichi used these fights to unleash all the hatred he had that he got from this unwanted talent.

Meanwhile, as the battle continued, Tokumich tried his best to remember his main objective. He recalled every wonderful thing he knew as he laid with his legs locked around Liu’s right arm.

Despite everything that he went through, Liu redeemed himself and hit Tokumichi.

Will this mean Liu will win the fight? Find out when Kengan Omega Chapter 115 releases on Thursday, June 24.

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