‘Kengan Omega’ Chapter 118: Terashi’s new look


Kengan Omega Chapter 118 will continue the tournament’s 11th match, featuring Okubo and Terashi.

Okubo now knows Terashi’s secret technique and even manages to see his real face. After exposing his real identity, will Terashi change his face again in Kengan Omega Chapter 118 to hide his looks again?

The Exposure of Terashi

Terashi seems to be obsessed with hiding his real self from the public. He does not want anyone to know who he is, especially his opponent.

He swears to alter his face again, so does this has something to do with their family tradition?

According to Epic Dope, fans are about to know how Terashi makes his body vibrate strongly in Kengan Omega Chapter 118.

There are theories it may have something to do with his “artificially altered hypothalamus” that makes him tremble vigorously.

Only Doctor Hanafuda can perfectly pull off this kind of experiment, so he may have the full explanation for this.

Talking about his obsession with hiding his looks, it may be a traditional practice of his family that he does not want to break. Knowing he comes from a famous Chinese assassin family, he may really need to hide his identity.

Episode 117 Recap

In Kengan Omega Chapter 116, fans saw the fight between Okubo and Terashi. There were only three matches left for the Kengan Association and Purgatory, so the initial had to win this time.

They had to win the last three fights to win the tournament, so the pressure was on Okubo himself.

However, proving that he was indeed the Silent Nightmare, his unorthodox fighting style gave Okubo a hard time.

By the looks of it, the biggest fight for the King of Combat was yet to end, Epic Stream noted.

Amid their fight, Okubo saw his fists were bleeding. Before he could even do anything, Terashi already slapped him on the face.

It shook Okubo’s defense, but he later found out the secret behind Terashi’s technique. He learned Terashi was vibrating his body parts so that even a simple touch could do severe damage.

So, Okubo knew that the only way to hit Terashi was to attack his face, which was his only body part not trembling.

He threw consecutive punches on Terashi, damaging his mask and revealing his real face.

Terashi regretted underestimating Okubo and admitted he was far stronger compared to other B-class Purgatory fighters.

He then swore to undergo another plastic surgery to hide his identity.

Fans might see Takeshi’s new look on the release of Kengan Omega Chapter 118 Thursday, July 22.

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