‘Kengan Omega’ Chapter 121: Can Wakatsuki bring victory to Purgatory?


Kengan Omega Chapter 121 will feature the fight between Purgatory’s Fei Wengfang and Kengan Association’s Wakatsuki Takeshi.

A lot is now at stake in these two’s fight. If Wakatsuki wins over Fei in Kengan Omega Chapter 121, it will be a big victory for Kengan.

The 12th Match

The new installment will feature the 12th match of the tournament. The fight between Kengan and Purgatory is getting pretty intense.

Among the many battles the tournament has featured so far, Fei and Wakatsuki are said to be the perfect opponents.

These two possess specialized powers that can match up with each other’s abilities. According to Epic Dope, fans will soon see Wakatsuki’s signature move, the Blast Core.

However, it remains to be seen how effective it will be against Fei, knowing he is one of the three Demon Fists.

Meanwhile, as everyone is busy watching the match, Terashi will sneak into Nicolas’ room.

From here, he will try to fulfill his mission to murder him without getting caught by the guards.

Chapter 120 Recap

Fei Wangfang, Carlos Medel and Lolong Donaoire watched Okubo and Terashi’s fight and were surprised to see the latter getting smashed.

Agito asked him to be on guard as the remaining ones looked much stronger. Ohma realized Lolong was the threat and one of the Three Demon Fists and The King.

Kazuo believed the tournament was about to end, but the Purgatory still had the tough opponents, OtakuKart News noted.

He knew they had to win the next match. If they managed to win, it would be the fifth time that the group would secure victory.

However, if they would lose, it would be sudden death for them. Kazuo wondered who he should send to fight between Ohma and Takeshi.

As Takechi noticed Kazuo was puzzled, he asked if he had already made his decision. Ohma said that whoever he would choose, they would follow.

Kazuo thanked the two and revealed Wakatsuki would be their bet for the 12th round.

The Wild Tiger then entered the ring, followed by the Three Demon Fist. Kazuo believed he had made the right choice by choosing Wakatsuki to be their fighter, seeing Lolong did not step up.

Alias then explained the fight’s rules to keep it clean. As the two got ready to fight, Fei felt glad that Takeshi would get his hands.

The two’s fight will continue when Kengan Omega Chapter 121 drops on Friday, Aug. 13.

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