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‘Kerbal Space Program 2’ will add a built-in trip planner


Kerbal Space Program 2 devs are adding a new trip planner feature for the game. The built-in system will handle the predictions for any upcoming journey.

The new addition to Kerbal Space Program 2 comes from the streamlining of an old gameplay pillar. The trip planner’s inspiration came from the community itself. The hardcore space geeks are looking to make the best flights can now take it easy.

KSP expects players to know rocket science

Among the many challenges of Kerbal Space Program is its simulation aspect. The game’s goal is to get players to fulfill space missions by creating rockets. These rockets use real-world physics, similar to how NASA does it in real life.

The simulation aspect means the gameplay relies on the player’s knowledge of real-world rocket science. Players need to know how basic orbital mechanics work. Since KSP uses realistic aerodynamic physics, figuring thrust is part of the curve.

For players who have some experience with the game, they’re likely familiar with the Delta V maps. The Delta V maps are community-created resources that teach how much thrust they need. These infographics are not only detailed; they’re super complicated too.

As part of the game loop, players would need to build themselves a rocket. Once they do, together with a goal, gamers will eventually realize that they can’t reach their goals. Many players accepted this as part of the learning curve.

Many fans of KSP have not broken through the atmosphere for the first three months of play. Some took at least weeks to understand the game without a guide. These are things players had to plan for before the new game.

KSP2’s built-in trip planner will streamline game loops

With Kerbal Space Program 2, gameplay will receive a much-needed streamline. The addition of the built-in trip planner will tighten up the iteration of the loop itself. It will inform players of what would-be space base directors can expect from their creation.

The game will show real-time information on how far the player can go on their configuration. The planner will also account if the player wants a one-way trip vs a two-way trip. Gamers will also get information on how far each of their stages will take the vehicle.

With the trip planner deployed, KSP 2 players can go back to build view. They can then do some changes for the rocket, from removing an engine to cutting weight.

Kerbal Space Program 2 will come out in 2021. The game will have a ton of new features that will make the game more accessible.

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