‘Kerbal Space Program 2’ will have more features designed for new players


It seems that Kerbal Space Program 2 will try to appeal to newbies, as Private Division devs reveal new features to welcome new players.

Kerbal Space Program 2 is the much-awaited space and rocketry simulation sequel. Fans of the game are hardcore, able to crunch real-world numbers to maximize their science missions. The devs at Private Division, however, are looking to find more players.

Private Division wants new space enthusiasts

Recently, Private Division dropped a new developer video that shows off where they are now. In the video, they talk about the role they plan for the game. They note how they want the game to be a new avenue for people who want to learn about space.

“There’s nothing about Kerbal Space Program that should stop anybody from enjoying it if they are enthusiastic about simulation games or the idea of space and space travel, or being able to build cool stuff,” said Michael Cook, the game’s executive producer.

“It’s important for us to get approachability right so that instead of trying this experience because of whatever it is that brought you to it, [you’re] sort of feeling that you are being stopped from finding your enjoyment. We’re helping you into that experience.”

They detailed further how much they streamlined the second game for more features.

KSP sequel will feature easy to understand tools, better view

According to one of the devs at Private Division, they noted how the franchise will feel like Mount Everest. The first KSP title felt like climbing the mountain alone. Kerbal Space Program 2, meanwhile, will be like climbing it with sherpas and basecamps.

“It’s still an insane challenge, but we’re at least equipping you for success,” the dev said.

Among the features they listed were tools that KSP2 will give to players. These tools will be easier to understand, allowing less advanced players to understand the title.

KSP2 also came out of its way to make the user interface much cleaner than usual. Most of the parts will sort out simpler and categorize better. Players can even work on several sub-assemblies at the same time.

The newest feature that the sequel adds is the orthographic view. This view shows a level of exploded perspective that lets players line things up better.

Private Division is also planning to add an extensive tutorial system to the game. This tutorial will be similar to an expert that holds your hand as you learn the ropes. Kerbal Space Program 2 was going to release in 2020, but delayed to next year.

Images courtesy of Private Division/Youtube Screenshot

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