Kerry Washington urges Black history education that does not start with slavery

Kerry Washington urges Black history education that does not start with slavery

Kerry Washington touches on changing the narrative when educating kids about Black history.

The fight against racism is an ongoing battle. As the Black Lives Matter movement continues to develop across the globe, Kerry Washington joins other celebrities to speak up.

She recently talked about “diversity in Hollywood” in an episode of the Hollywood, The Sequel podcast. But, prior to this event, she reportedly touched on several essential topics concerning the Black race.

Following the killing of George Floyd while in custody, the Scandal actress went on to speak about the matter, as well as the world’s current response to the issue. She reportedly shared some of her views on “Black history” and “privilege” with Jimmy Kimmel on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, according to Buzzfeed.

Kerry Washington on “privilege” and Black families

In her virtual interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Kerry Washington shared her views on “privilege” that Black families do not have. She reportedly pointed out that “discovering” racism exists is far different from “knowing” that it truly exists.

The actress told the show’s host that the kind of privilege that one could ignore “what’s going on” and pretend that “it’s not happening” is not apparent for most Black families. Kerry’s family, much like the other Black families, they reportedly have never had to discover the existence of racism. As explained, “they live this reality every day,” as per She Knows.

She shared her ideas on Black history education

After touching on privileges, Kerry Washington shared her ideas on educating kids when it comes to Black history. She asserted that many people only get to learn about it “during Black history month,” which is not enough. Kids only learn about it “in the concept of change-makers like Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks,” the actress added.

This narrative reportedly got her thinking about “how she can educate her kids” far beyond what schools offer. This is particularly in the subject of Black history. As stated, she wants kids, not only hers, to learn about the history of the Black race that does not start with slavery. 

The actress then reportedly suggested that kids should learn more about the “Maasai Warriors,” which is one of Kenya’s oldest tribes. She also mentioned the “kingdoms of Ghana” and Queen Nefertiti, as well as the “pyramids of Egypt.”

Through this, “we understand the beautiful complexity and elegance and richness of Black History before refusing to be put in the back of the bus,” Kerry Washington said.


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