Kevin Spacey sued by two men for sexual assault

Actor Kevin Spacey has been sued for sexually assaulting two boys in the 1980s when they were just 14 years old.

Horrible Bosses actor Kevin Spacey has come under the radar once again for allegations against him for sexually assaulting two boys in 1986. The new lawsuit has been filed by Star Trek: Discovery star Anthony Rapp and another unnamed man.

In the complaint filed at the Supreme Court for the state of New York, Anthony Rapp has accused Kevin Spacey of sexual assault, sexual battery, and emotional distress.

More about the lawsuit

A report by Sky News states that Anthony Rapp, in the lawsuit, had claimed that Spacey assaulted him when he was 14, during a party at Spacey’s home when the actor grabbed him by the buttocks, lifted him, put him on the bed, and laid on him.

The lawsuit also states that Anthony went through emotional distress, psychological trauma, humiliation, anger, fright, and depression because of the incident.

It made him suffer from a lot of mental anguish and mental damage. The actor also mentioned that the trauma from that incident hinders his ability to work.

The other person to file a lawsuit isn’t named publicly but goes by the initials C.D. He had accused Spacey of attempting to sodomize him when he was also aged 14. Rapp and C.D., who do not know each other, are seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages for the severe emotional distress they say they experienced during and after the alleged encounters.

Effect on Spacey after the filing of the lawsuit

According to a Global News report, the actor has been shunned by the industry after the lawsuit was filed. He was removed from Netflix show House Of Cards – with his character killed off, and Sir Ridley Scott sacked him from his completed film All the Money in the World, recasting Christopher Plummer in the role and spending millions on re-shoots.

Spacey has faced legal action in Los Angeles, California, and Nantucket, Massachusetts, but is yet to be convicted.

In October 2017, Kevin Spacey posted on Twitter that he doesn’t remember the incident that happened in 1986. Although he did mention that if he had done the act, which Rapp claimed, he sincerely apologizes for the same and that he has immense respect for Anthony as an actor.

This past December, another sexual battery case filed against the actor was dismissed after the accuser died of cancer.

Image courtesy of Yannik Bikker/Shutterstock

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