KFC takes on Xbox Series X and PS5 with KFConsole

KFC takes on Xbox Series X and PS5 with KFConsole

KFC chimes in with the wildly discussed release of the big gaming consoles—Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. It recently posted a trailer of its own console called “KFConsole.”

The KFC Gaming Twitter account has trolled the internet with its own next-gen console. Lately, there’s been back-to-back events and announcements within the gaming community. With the pandemic still keeping everyone indoors, there’s been more hype on video games and news about them.

Just recently, Sony officially introduced the PlayStation 5 and the initial set of video games expected for the next-gen gaming console. Of course, the unveiling was received well by the gaming public.

Microsoft has also unveiled its own next-gen console with Xbox Series X. Both gaming technologies are expected to produce immensely high-quality game graphics and high fps rates.

KFConsole enters console wars

There’s been quite the hype around both tech giants and so KFC jumps in on the fun.

After the big PlayStation event last week, the official KFC Gaming Twitter account released a very dramatic trailer of its very own console. It featured a power button, a disc tray, and even a “chicken chamber” to “power your hunger”—as the fast-food chain’s tag line promotes.

It even advertised “cross-platform compatibility.” The video further highlighted the console’s supposed gaming features such as “True 4K” and “120 fps.”

Staying true to its branding, the console is shaped like its famed chicken bucket. The video even ended with a release date—November 12, 2020.

Over the weekend, the “gaming” arm of the Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise even posted all three pictures of this year’s console war including the KFConsole.

A “clever joke”

Unfortunately for the hopefuls, this is not a real console about to be released by the American fast-food chain. CNET points out that this supposed teaser was just a “clever joke.”

In fact, the official Twitter account for Xbox even replied, asking, “Can you lay it sideways?” This was in reference to recent memes poking fun at the two gaming consoles designs.

Although, KFC truly does have an interest in gaming. In 2019, the fast-food chain released a free dating simulator game for PC titled I Love You, Colonel Sanders!

It even garnered a 9/10 rating on Steam.

The “Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator” follows the story of a “promising culinary student”—which is the player—as it tries to date Colonel Sanders. In this scenario, the player and Colonel Sanders are classmates.

In 2017, KFC also released its very own Bluetooth gaming controller attached to its “To-Go chicken box.”

Right now, the gaming arm of the fast-food franchise continues to challenge its avid followers to submit KFC builds on Minecraft.


Featured image courtesy of KFC Gaming/Twitter

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