‘Killer Camp’ season 1, ‘Tell Me A Story’ heads to CW next month


The CW network has revealed its latest series additions as part of its summer line-up. Killer Camp and Tell Me A Story are scheduled to air next month.

On Tuesday, the CW network announced that it will have a new set of shows to air amid the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier this year, CW is just one of the many networks to undergo a temporary shutdown due to the pandemic.

Several shows were put to a halt until productions are safe to resume. Hence, CW purchased four series from other networks to fill out the shows affected by the health crisis. 

Aside from Killer Camp and Tell Me A Story, CW has also acquired airing rights to Taskmaster, Fridge Wars, and Being Reuben. CW also announced the release dates of the previously acquired programs, Coroner, and Dead Pixels.

Killer Camp season 1 plot and release date

Killer Camp season 1 is a British horror reality TV competition which aired on ITV last fall. Owing to its one of a kind plot, the series introduces 11 strangers who are enlisted in a murder mystery camp instead of a normal summer camp.

The contestants must do everything to avoid being killed so as not to be eliminated from the game. Moreover, they must uncover who among them is the real murderer.

The comedian, Bobby Mair plays as the camp counselor. Also, Mair will be leading the campers to play games to earn cash. Every night, the real murderer pulls off a death scene with the help of his handyman, Bruce.

For the uninitiated, Killer Camp will premiere July 16 on The CW, airing Thursdays at 8.

Tell Me A Story season 1 plot and release date

Initially slated to air in the fall, CW surprisingly moved up the series and will reach the home screens this summer. The story follows the world of the fairy tale characters and reimagines them as a dark and twisted psychological thriller.

The first season takes the stories of The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, and Hansel and Gretel into the modern-day New York City. Showrunner Kevin Williamson fashioned the plot to explore human interactions on love, greed, loss, revenge, and murder.

Paul Wesley and Danielle Campbell who also starred in CW’s The Vampire Diaries and The Originals will be the main stars. Moreover, the network also acquired airing rights for Tell Me A Story season 2.

The CW Network also moved up Coroner to air in the summer

The Coroner series is a Canadian show starring Serinda Swan as Jenny Cooper. Set in Toronto, the series follows the story of the widowed Cooper who investigates suspicious deaths. Coroner will arrive on August 5.

Image Courtesy Of The CW Network/YouTube Screenshot

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