‘Killing Eve’ season 3 episode 2: Villanelle to don clown disguise?

Featured image courtesy of BBC America
Featured image courtesy of BBC America

Killing Eve season 3 episode 2 will feature Villanelle (played by Jodie Comer) donning a clown outfit.

Villanelle is shown wearing the clown costume in what looks like a children’s birthday party. But in typical Villanelle fashion, it looks like not everything is going according to plan.

Killing Eve season 3 episode 1 recap

Killing Eve season 3 episode 1 saw the two lead characters trying to move on from each other, according to Vulture.

In the premiere, Villanelle was set to marry a Spanish woman named Maria. While she was delivering her toast, she caught sight of Dasha (Harriet Walter) at her wedding party. This led to a brawl and ended with Villanelle and Dasha leaving the building on a vintage car.

It turns out Dasha wants to reintegrate Villanelle into the Twelve. However, Villanelle made it clear that she wants to ascend the ranks and be named a Keeper. To prove herself, Villanelle follows Dasha’s command to kill a political agitator.

On the other hand, Eve is forced to live a life of routine, still numb after the events of last season. She is shown working for a Korean restaurant now. It can be recalled that the season 2 finale saw how Villanelle left Eve bleeding in Rome after shooting her. Eve only survived after tourists saw her on the ground bathing in her own blood.

Kenny (Sean Delaney) then reached out to her and told her to hang out with him and his co-workers. Eve thought about it and took him up on his offer. In the final scene of Killing Eve season 3 episode 1, Eve saw a body falling from a building. She then realized that it was Kenny, who she was supposed to meet up in his office.

What the teasers say about Killing Eve season 3 episode 2

The teaser clip for Killing Eve season 3 episode 2 showed an almost confusing edit of what will happen on Sunday’s installment.

It seems that Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw) is having difficulty processing the death of her son Kenny. In one scene, Eve is also seen throwing up at work.

Exec producer Suzanne Heathcote on premiere’s shocking death

Killing Eve producer Suzanne Heathcote recently spoke out about the decision behind killing off Kenny (Sean Delaney).

In an Entertainment Weekly interview, Heathcote acknowledged that it was a tough decision to write off the beloved character. She further explained that the story demanded Eve to have a personal reason to get back to investigating the Twelve.

It was just too much water under the bridge for her, emotionally. So we knew there had to be something really personal happen to bring her back in.

Heathcote also praised Delaney for his work on the show, saying that the actor was “amazingly gracious” about getting killed off. According to her, he understood that the plot point made sense to propel the story forward.

Killing Eve season 3 episode 2 will air on BBC America on Sunday, April 19, at 9 PM ET.

Images courtesy of BBC America/ YouTube Screenshot

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