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‘Killing Eve’ season 3 episode 3: Is Villanelle adopting a baby?


Villanelle (played by Jodie Comer) will take an interest in a baby in the upcoming Killing Eve season 3 episode 3.

Villanelle is not known for her motherly instincts. However, as a teaser for Killing Eve season 3 episode 3 suggests, she can fake maternal warmth well if she needs to. The clip shows her being warm to a baby during a meeting with Dasha (Harriet Walter).

It turns out Villanelle is with the baby to “practice her characters.” After getting bored with the baby, she eventually leaves the child in a bin.

Villanelle finds out Eve is still alive

To recap the previous episode, Eve (Sandra Oh) had to deal with the death of Kenny (Sean Delaney). She attended his funeral but she inadvertently caused a scene there. She felt frustrated because everyone easily believed that Kenny committed suicide.

Initially, Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) pretended that she believed the suicide story as well. She later confessed to Eve that she just did not want people to know that she is investigating his death.

Later in the episode, Eve pondered on what to do with Kenny’s phone. She then received a phone call, which was from Bitter Pill editor Jaime. He begged Eve to come meet him up and bring him the phone.

Eventually, she went to the publication’s office and bargained the phone in exchange for Kenny’s work files. She believed that she can continue Kenny’s investigation into The Twelve.

Meanwhile, Villanelle moved into a posh apartment as she waited for her next mission. However, Dasha had other plans for her.

More details about the series’ episodes

As a reward for her impressive kill last week, Dasha gave her a new job. From then on, Villanelle will supervise inexperienced assassins during their mission. Villanelle was not happy about the assignment. Eventually, her desire to become keeper won and she accepted the job.

Dasha paired up Villanelle with a young, male assassin. Their first assignment was to infiltrate a children’s party as clowns. However, the newbie killer failed to finish his target so she shot them both instead.

When she gets home to her apartment, she finds Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) waiting for her. It was there that he told her that Eve is still alive. Confused by her emotions, Villanelle ends up crying and laughing at the prospect of seeing Eve again.

Killing Eve season 3 episode 3 will find Villanelle struggling to comprehend that Eve  is still alive. For months, she thought that she successfully killed her former romantic partner in Rome.

Jodie Comer on Killing Eve season 3

The new season is proving to be what Jodie Comer promised it will be for Villanelle: “transformative.” In an interview before the premiere episode, she described how different season 3 will be from the first two seasons.

There’s a lot of chaos. Thinking about Villanelle, there are moments within this [season] where we delve into our past and what that brings up for her and how that alters her is really, really interesting.

Preview for Killing Eve season 3 episode 3

In Killing Eve season 3 episode 3, Eve and her team discover a possible lead in their investigation. On the other hand, Villanelle will return to London to finish a job she accepted.

The teaser for Killing Eve season 3 episode 3 also showed Eve receiving a teddy bear. It is of the recordable variety and she gets horrified when she hears Villanelle’s voice on it.

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