‘Killing Eve’ season 4 writers slammed for lack of diversity, series in trouble


Killing Eve season 4 writers are being slammed for the lack of ethnic diversity. Amid the Black Lives Matter Movement, the writers were criticized.

The writers of the popular crime TV series, Killing Eve season 4, are now expected to do better after the chain of complaints came out. The backslash started over a tweet made by one of the series’ writers, Kayleigh Llewellyn.

Although there was no issue with the caption, a screenshot showing the writers’ all-white circle became the center of the scrutiny.

Killing Eve season 4 script is finally finished

Kayleigh Llewellyn posted on Twitter the Zoom screenshot of the scriptwriters celebrating their success over a glass of wine. Although the original Twitter post has been deleted, the content has been passed on.

Llewellyn wrote:

“15 weeks later, it’s the final day of the Killing Eve writers room.”

The writers shown in the screenshot are all female and white. Because of this, BBC’s Killing Eve is receiving a lot of negative comments from fans and supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The recent death of George Floyd in the hands of the police has stirred sentiments towards the Black communities around the world. Furthermore, the death of Floyd motivated the national protests across the major cities in the US. There is even no guarantee that the protests will soon ease up.

Fans showed their disappointment on Killing Eve

There is no stopping the fans from voicing out their opinions regarding the writers for Killing Eve season 4. In addition, Fans have been replying to Llewellyn’s post. Some fans claimed that the lack of diversity in the writers’ room could be the reason why Sandra Oh’s character is not as good as Jodie Comer’s.

One fan Tweeted:

Killing Eve has an Asian lead, but the writers’ room doesn’t have a single Asian writer?”

Still, another one tweeted:

“The criticism is completely fair! this last season definitely felt like it was lacking Sandra Oh, despite her being the lead and an executive producer. hiring a team of mostly white women isn’t diverse and for a show of its scale and following, they do need to do a lot better!”

What to expect in Killing Eve season 4

Now that the series faces criticisms, BBC might have to find a way to ease down the negative issues towards the show. BBC has not released any statement yet on how to deal with the negative comments.

Although the series’ script is finally complete, there is no guarantee if the production for Killing Eve season 4 will resume anytime soon. The pandemic is still at large across the country, and most of the TV industries are temporarily on lockdown.

Image Courtesy Of ONE Media/YouTube Screenshot

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