Kim Bum reveals real thoughts as villain in ‘Tale Of The Nine-Tailed’


The villain of the hit drama Tale Of The Nine-Tailed, Kim Bum, has finally spoken about his excellent portrayal in Elle magazine.

Boys Over Flowers‘ star Kim Bum is a debonair gentleman in his current pictorial with Elle. He assembled a fashionable carefree vibe in a black leathery-looking stylish outfit and complemented his wet-look hair.

Over-all, the actor’s costumes emphasize his young-looking visuals depicting his looks just like his rookie days.

A quick look back at the actor’s career

During the actor’s post-shoot interview with Elle, Kim Bum reflected on his 15-year career as an actor.

He shared that there was a time when he thought that his job wasn’t right for him. He continued that he was caught up in a dilemma.

However, after he joined Tale of the Nine-Tailed, he felt endless joy. For the first time in a while, he finally gained interest in his work.

“I have now brushed myself off and gotten up after being stuck sitting in one place for a long time,” the actor added.

In the interview, Kim Bum shared his thoughts on his Tale of the Nine-Tailed character, Lee Rang.

“When I think of Lee Rang, I also think of the death drive, ‘Thanatos,'” the actor said, referring to the concept of aggressive or self-destructive behavior. “Lee Rang was abandoned by love, so he’s a character who has a deep desire for destruction.”

A driving force: Being a villain

More of the interview, Kim Bum revealed that he wanted his character to be an ambiguous kind of villain.

He wants to become someone that viewers wouldn’t be able to hate. He added that villain roles tend to add more fuel to my desire for expression.

In the drama Tale Of The Nine-Tailed, Kim Bum involves in action scenes and experiences intense emotions. With a laugh, the actor shared that he wanted to do a melodrama.

However, as he plays his role as a villain, he discovered that it’s more freeing to him since there weren’t any romantic parts. “Without being restricted by a certain relationship, I got to express my emotions,” he shared.

Meanwhile, the full pictorial and interview of Kim Bum can be found in the December issue of Elle magazine.


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