Kim Hee Sun prefers working with young men

Kim Hee Sun talked about working with younger actors and her career plans as SBS’s Alice ended.

In an interview, Kim Hee Sun shared that Kwak Si Yang and Joo Won are both kind actors. It may often come out from her mouth, but she means it. They are kind and serious in every aspect.

Working with young actors

Even if the actors are younger than her, she is the one who learned a lot. She had many scenes together with Joo Won.

He takes care of her, even in some little things. It may not sound easy to do, but she felt that he is respectful and a sweet person.

On the other hand, Hee Sun describes Kwak Si Young as a kind person. Si Young would always practice even there was no filming. At that point, he is serious, affectionate, and the atmosphere on the set is still fun.

Different age different vibe

Hee Sun then shared that the actors who are older than her are a lot older now. There are actors that she worked with that are over 50 years old.

Since then, if they are shooting for a melodrama together, the scenes will have a different vibe.

Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun were not in a melodrama, but she likes to work on melodramas with young actors.

She worries that she will too old and will look like her mom. Moreover, if she sees a good project with good actors, Hee Sun will surely grab the opportunity.

Kim Hee Sun continued that when Nam Joo Hyuk and Park Bo Gum were born, she started university after a year.

It would be flattering for her to work with young men, and it may be extreme, but she would better leave it unsaid.

Image courtesy of sNack!/YouTube Screenshot

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