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Kim Hye Yoon talks about support and love she received from fans


Snowdrop actress Kim Hye Yoon talked in an interview with Star News about what she learned in life in 2020 and how she will use the experiences in facing the new year.

Kim Hye Yoon divulged her gratitude for receiving the AAA Potential Actor award during the interview. She shared that she was very nervous during the ceremony and felt such a meaningful honor.

The actress elaborated that she thinks of potential as something she has to find within herself.

In talking about her fans, Kim Hye Yoon shared it hasn’t been long since she made a fan club name.

She mentioned that it was at the Asia Artist Awards, where she first revealed the club’s name for the first time.

The actress revealed that she felt weird why her fan club’s name was also something she wanted to say while accepting an award.

“I used to say to my fans, ‘Hello, everyone,’ in the past, but now that I was mentioning ‘Hyeppy Ending’ (Kim Hye Yoon’s fan club),” she shared.

The actress’s return to the small screen

In 2021, the prolific actress will be returning with the new jTBC drama Snowdrop (literal title).

She shared her hopes for the current situation with COVID-19 to improve quickly to make a positive impression on viewers as she can already exercise.

Kim Hye Yoon revealed that Snowdrop is her first drama after Extraordinary You. With her fans waiting for a year, she believes she’ll be able to greet them with a new side of her in the new drama.

Furthermore, the promising actress shared that she wants to become an actress viewers watch without any doubts. She then wishes for herself to always be aware that she should make progress.

Kim Hye Yoon anticipating the new year

Moreover, the actress is very grateful to her fans for cheering her on more happily, quickly, and with greater intensity than anyone else.

She went on, saying that she finds it unbelievable why many people love her.

And although it is difficult for her to convey feelings to someone with sincerity, her fans’ sincere love makes her so grateful, making her realize that she has to return the love.

Meanwhile, Kim Hye Yoon shared that as of the moment, she has been busy filming for the movie The Girl Riding a Bulldozer (literal title).

The film follows Hye Young’s story (played by Kim Hye Yoon), who probes her father’s whereabouts after an unexpected accident.

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