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Kim Hyun Joong reveals his pursuit of living new life, untroubled with past


Boys Over Flowers‘s Kim Hyun Joong, engulfed in unsavory incidents for the past few years, finally made a public appearance for the first time in three years.

Kim Hyun Joong opened up about the various controversies he has been embroiled in Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller.

He shared about the people who cheered on him despite the controversies and made a vivid talk if he still can go back to his cheerful self.

Kim Hyun Joong on pressing on every day

During the talk, the actor moved forward and expressed that he can’t say he did well, but he wants to pluck up his courage. He went on that he is wondering if he could still go back to his cheerful self.

Kim expressed that he is kicking himself every day. “People’s sharp eyes and criticisms pressure me.”

“In front of my families and close friends, I can be myself, but when I see strangers, I cringe because I feel like they are going to see me as a weirdo,” he added.

The actor then revealed his heartfelt thought. He said that he should try to live a better life, not just be obsessed with the past. “So I’m trying to pluck up my courage,” he said in all honesty.

Kim’s advice to those who are also going through rough times

Furthermore, Seo Jang Hoon gave sincere advice and said that it is sincerity and endeavor to dilute our past. Kim Hyun Joong shared that if one will say there is no cure for scars, that’s so right.

He also talked about his false hopes of being cured and said that he never thought about carrying the pain with him.

After the show, Kim thanked all those who cheered and comforted him on Instagram. He also made mention of those who gave him advice. ”

I want to express my deepest gratitude to all of these people. I will think of your words as a foundation for my life and stay brighter and warmer,” the actor shared.

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