Kim Ji Hoon caught watching an illegally downloaded TV show

Kim Ji Hoon blurted out his sincere apologies after he was seen watching an illegally downloaded TV show.

Actor Kim Ji Hoon issued an apology after he was spotted watching an illegal show on Home Alone (I Live Alone). Through Kim Ji Hoon’s agency, Big Picture Entertainment, he extends his apology for causing viewers discomfort in the November 6 episode of the MBC show.

Kim Ji Hoon should have known better

He stated that he is deeply sorry for behaving in a way where he disrespected the copyright rules. As a matter of fact, he is also an actor, and he should have known the rules better.

Kim Ji Hoon will be working hard as an actor, and that he should be more careful about his actions. Once again, he is genuinely sorry for the discomfort that he has caused.


Illegal viewing

The November 6 episode of Home Alone features the actor watching an American TV show Raised by Wolves. The movie is an original series of HBO Max, and it only airs exclusively on the streaming service.

The channel HBO Max is not available in South Korea, and there is no legal way to stream the show in the country. Additionally, the version the actor is watching has Korean subtitles, which increases the suspicion that it was illegally downloaded.

Production to remove the footage

A source from Home Alone also stated that the show would be removing all the footage of Kim Ji Hoon. The production will not be airing the clips of him watching the illegally downloaded show anymore.

Moreover, the show will also be more careful in observing the cast members’ behavior while filming.

On the other hand, the November 6 episode of Home Alone unveiled his everyday life. The South Korean actor shared that he has been living alone for 14 years now. In the show, he shared how he lives his typical day in the comforts of his home.

Image courtesy of KOCOWA TV/YouTube Screenshot

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